Posted by: Nancy Brown | August 21, 2006

Weekend in Wendover!!!

For my birthday my wonderful hubby decided that I needed a vacation. He booked us a 2 day stay in the great big exciting town of Wendover Nevada. It was such an amazing time. Everything we needed in our weekend get away was in the casino/hotel that we stayed in.

 We stayed in the Wendover Nugget hotel. We had a king sized bed. Plus all the normal hotel stuff. The casion was fun. Full of 1 cent slots. We did gamble a few bucks away with it but it was well worth it. Downstairs they had a Billards Bar and we have found we both LOVE billiards. It was a buck a game and it was well worth it. That was more worth it than the penny slots. We spent several hours there. I only won one game but had fun trying.

I had such a good time with just Dallas and I. Its been over a year since we had time away. We had the nights that Tyler was in the NICU but it wasn’t the same. I love spending time with just Dallas. He is such an amazing person. I love it. He is totally my best friend. He is so easy to get a long with. We talk about everything and have no “issue” so to speak with each other. He is a great father and a wonderful provider.  He has so many good qualities that its so hard to list them all. Every day I think of how lucky I am to have found him. He works so hard to provide for us.

Its almost my 26th birthday. I can’t believe it. I feel so young yet at the same time almost thirty. I am closer to thrity than I am 20. Seems like it all went by so fast. I hope that this year will bring all new adventures to our life. Hope it brings happiness and LOTS AND LOTS of HEALTH to our house and our family. Its a big year this year.



  1. I had a great time with you too love. I love you.

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