Posted by: Nancy Brown | September 4, 2006

Everyone Got It!!!

So Wedensday night we noticed that Tyler had a crappy night. Thursday he was okay. Acted just a little off but nothing huge. Lori Brown watched him for a few hours and noticed that he was a little off. As the day went on sure enough cute little green boogies ended up on my shirt and a little boy started  getting sick. He had a awful night and sure enough with what little sleep I had ended up getting me a sore throat. Given the few hours that either on of us slept that night I packed our stuff and headed to Riverton/ Draper to the Peds office and had him check. He had a ear infection and an eye infection and probably a sore throat since I had one and he wasn’t eating. Dr.Duffy had me stop at the insta-care and get my throat swabbed. It wasn’t positive but he gave me antibiotics incase  we got sicker.Well today Dallas got SICKER. He was so sick.  So i have a sick baby and a sick hubby. I am not as sick as either of them. But boy.. this isn’t very fun…… Everyone got it…… Why? Because we all love each other and share….. EVERYTHING… YUCK!!


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