Posted by: Nancy Brown | September 29, 2006

My vent kinda!! I think that is what it is .

So Ty had a bad day today. He was crabby and mean and should have slept all day. Oh wait… That was me!!  He was crabby though. It brought me spiraling down to the memory of MAY!!! Maybe in reality it was HELL. Tyler was having a shunt malfunction and no one would listen. Why is that? Moms have this sixth sense. We feel it in our *boobs* or something. But  I was told he was spoiled. REALLY!! He cried all the time. He wouldn’t sleep. He wouldn’t let me sleep he had to be held. He was making me nuts. I was going nuts.  So why the remember… Because he is so freaking cute!

 I still have a cold. I can’t shake it.  Tyler makes me tired. I make me tired. Why can’t moms have a day off. Oh wait… I did. I had three months off. Was it really a vaction. No! But I did get to sleep all night.  How do we keep getting a cold when we never go out. Dallas is the healthiest of us all and he goes out. WHY?

Well that is my pity party. I know. BOO HOO. The good thing My kid is cuter than your kid or at least my kid is the cutest kid in the whole world. He will smile when you tell him  he is so cute. I love it. Cute… Cute… Do you want him. He only cost a dollar 🙂



  1. A dollar?!?!? I’ll take him!!!

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