Posted by: Nancy Brown | September 29, 2006

Ok my thoughts for today!!

So we had a meeting with early intervention for Tyler the other day. Of course it has to be the one day he sits all alone. Which is good. But we don’t get PT for him. No big deal right.. WRONG! My little man is not sitting alone all the time. He is constantly leaning backward. He is looking for something. I have tried everything. I have tried letting him fall. I have tried sitting with him and I end up sitting with him all day. He gets so flustered as well. He wants to sit he does’nt want to lay on his back and so I have to sit with him. I hate having him in his bouncy chair all day and soon we won’t have the chair. The Bumbo we have he has a tendency to want to climb out of. Its not close enough to the ground for him to bend over and reach things. So I am left in the hands of a state agency. We lost medicaid so we can’t just go get physical therapy. We have a out of pocket cost for it and we just don’t have the extra to pay for it. I need to go to Shriners hosptial to see what we can get there but I am in such a funk I don’t want to go out. I don’t feel like going out. I don’t feel like getting dressed. I don’t feel like doing my hair and forget clothes. I don’t have any that fit. But does that motivate me to work out. NOPE! Instead I site here angry and funked and ready to be all done. Waiting for normal. Cringing when I hear one more time “See we knew he would be fine” or  “he will catch up” or “our baby is 2 and he doesn’t walk so its ok”. Its not okay. I don’t want my kid to not walk. I want him to sit. I want him to do all those things that NORMAL does. I want NORMAL. I want him to sit. I want him to play baseball and soccer. I want help and I have asked for help. Early intervention doesn’t seem to give a flying rats anything. I need to get out of my funk. Not sure how but I have to. For me and for my son. I want him to be normal. NORMAL. Is that to much to ask .



  1. Hey Girl!

    Ummmm. yeah, it’s too much to ask to be normal!! 😉 I don’t have any words of wisdom, just… well… I guess… wanna come over and we can funk together!??!


    Hey, we should force ourselves to go shopping for a new outfit!! Just one, that’ll make us feel better.

    Call me…


  2. I can’t beleive that you want your child to be normal.

    *Rolling eyes*


    Hang in there, sis. It only gets better. (I promise)

  3. *HUGS*
    I too get so frustrated! I want my son to sit. Is that too much to ask?

    I’m with Lisa…. it does get better.

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