Posted by: Nancy Brown | October 3, 2006

Herpes Simplex Virus … Do you have it!!!

I do.. Yes its true. I have herpes. It rears its ugly face every now and again. No its not the kind of herpes you see on commercials. Its the more obivious form of herpes…. thats right A HUGE NASTY  COLD SORE. I have gotten them my whole life. I have inherited this nasty virus. It comes only when my immune system is shot. So you guessed it. I have one.

This ugly thing is the most apparent thing on my face. It isn’t in the normal spot. Its under my nose. It is huge,gross and painful. I can’t kiss my little man Tyler cause I don’t want him to get one. Dallas won’t get one since he hasn’t in the year and a half we have been married. But since Tyler is still little I must refrain.

How often do I get these THINGS…. Well, since we have been married I have gotten three. The worst was when I found out I was pregnant. I had 4 of them at one time. I had just finished finals and chalked it up to that. NOPE!! It was a shot immune system from being PREGO.

So.. you ask.. Am I prego? The answer: NOPE!! I have been suffering from a major case or Rhinorrhea. It started with the febrile response and continued to spiral down hill from there. How long will it last you ask? Well I was getting better and started on some anitbiotics. Then I woke up sicker than when I started after five days. So I am back on a antibiotic with some major cough medicines. I say medicines becasue some fat man( or women) sat on my chest cuasing me not to be able to breathe. 

I am feeling better each day. I need to take my Valtrex. Five a day. ( And you thought it was referring to fruits and Veggies) Oh no.. one a day still doesn’t keep the herpes away!! 

 Do you think anyone on would want my herpes!!! I can list them in the free section.



  1. What a drag!!! I am so sorry to hear… Cold sores are such a painful hassle.

    I’m very fortunate to never have had them, but my husband gets them and I’m always paranoid that he’ll give them to our little girl… but he’s ultra careful when he’s got one… he knows what a drag they are and wouldn’t want her to get them. That’s good that you don’t kiss your little one when you have one. But it must be really hard on you. I know it is so hard on my husband. Luckily he only gets them about once a year.

  2. Oh goodness.

    I hope you feel some releif soon.


    Do you need some chicken noodle soup?

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