Posted by: Nancy Brown | October 11, 2006

NeoNatal followup! This is from Tyler’s website

Sorry I have not kept on this webpage. I use to do so good at it. But last year we had so much more to post! Tyler had is first birthday on September 21st. We had a small party on the 23rd. He had so much fun and loved every minute of it. He ate a nice chunk of chocolate cake. He had a lot of new fun toys. His best friend Joey came and some of his Aunts and Uncles were there and his grandparent were there. He had a lot of fun.
Today was his NeoNatal follow up. This is a state program for at risk kids who are from the NICU. It is kinda like a big huge germ fest of little kids seeing every specialist that you can possibly imagine. We see a Psychologist, Neurologist, Audiologist, Dietician, Pediatrician and a Physical therapist. He did really well. They are all very much surprised to see how well he is doing. The Psychologist said that after reading his chart he was expecting a vegtable. Nice huh!!
The Audiologist was the first one we saw. Tyler hears just fine. He has a harder time “hearing” the lowest setting. I was in their with him and I was not sure I heard them either but they said that was normal. He doesnt’ have any middle ear issues which would cause him to not hear and he did have 2 red ears but we are allready treating those with meds. So one pass with flying colors.
The next stop was the Psychologist. He did a lot of things that OT does in our home. The one thing that was noticed by him ( we had noticed well before) was that Tyler doesn’t use his left hand to do things. He uses it as a helper for his right hand. Meaning, if he wants something and his right hand can’t get it his left will. However, when his left hand gets it he transfers it to his right and goes on playing. He won’t hold an item in that hand and bang them together like “normal” kids do. There are a few things that he does that are different from “normal” kids in regards to his left hand but he still uses it. It is a little more stiff than what they would like and suggested a Physical therapist. So not horribly shocking news. It was something I have been trying to get people to notice. All of our Early intervention team says it is just him showing a prefrence or in other words him being right handed. But Its not. It not a normal thing. Good visit.
Next was the Neurologist. Keep in mind during our last visit we were in the midst of needing a shunt and NOBODY caught it. We talked about that and he looked at Tyler. He feels that he is showing a prefrence with his right hand just like the other doc and says that he would prefer us to get a physical therapist as well. Other than that he looks really good. His legs don’t have anything that is signaling any problems but we will watch and see. GREAT visit.
The Ped was very nice and felt that we should get synagis. I am going to look into it a little more. We should qualify but we haven’t yet. We got through that visit with no problems other than him not wanting to use his left hand.
The Dietcian and PT were toghether because of time restricitions and Tyler being ready for a nap. The dietcian thought he was doing okay and we will keep doing what we are doing. She gave me some recipes for things to make using pediasure that Tyler can eat . She asked that we start trying to power pack his food.
The PT sees that Tyler is not having “normal” movements. They are not movements that indicate a major problem like CP but they are concerning. He would really like us to get therapy. He also noted the preference for his right hand but feels that with treatment he will do well.
Allthough a few things were mentioned that people were concerned about over all Tyler is doing very well. He has grown so much. Soon we will be wishing he was little again. Keep praying for him and keeping him in your thoughts. My next battle is finding a place for him to get PT. Our Early intervention doesn’t feel he needs it. With these new findings I think we should re-evaluate that. We are also looking into Shriners hospital for his PT services. It would just be really nice to get it here at home. But they are the best so Tyler deserves the best.


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