Posted by: Nancy Brown | October 26, 2006

My baby

Whenever I get baby hungry I look back deep into my picture album and pull up some cute little pictures of Tyler. I found some the other day that I had forgotten that I had. He was so little. I forget sometime how little he really was. 

He had an ugly head. It was not right. We didn’t do a helmet. We couldn’t fix it by postioning him a certain way. I was embarassed by it. You could see his “battle wound” from the brain bleeds he suffered. He had a huge resevoir on his head. I would forget it was there an then someone at the grocery store would point it out. I hated it.

In Feburary we got it fixed. It was a five day stay in the hosptial. 2 of those were in the PICU. He had a horrific scar and they had decided to shave off what little hair he had.  I have that little bit of hair in a jar. He had a Dr. Walker hair cut.  He had a huge zigzag across his head. But it was worth it. I am glad we did it.

So now my baby looks different. He looks like Tyler. He looks perfect. It was worth it. He is worth it.


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