Posted by: Nancy Brown | November 1, 2006

What a difference a year makes

Last year we were NICU parents. We missed dressing up our cute little man.  We went from store to store looking for something that said happy Halloween. None of them were small enough. It was sad. We ran to the Brown’s and then spent the rest of the night looking at our small yet perfect kid. We were at PCMC by then. We were in a new place. But we made it. Here is a year ago…..

So… The story of this years costume. When Tyler was born his ears had not had time to be hardened yet so they were VERY pliable. Our favorite Doc… Dr. Marrissa Nagle, would come and unroll them everyday. She would jokingly tell us that she would recommend tape to hold them down. Well, they would roll up and he would look like Yoda.

When Dallas was little he was nicknamed Yoda as well. He had big ears and they stuck out. So on top of Tyler’s incubator was a Star wars figure of Yoda. It’s still on his crib. We haven’t got it out of the package yet either.

So we went looking online to see what we could see. We order several months ago an infant Yoda costume for our little wise one. Here he is…..

He had so much fun and he didn’t pull at his ears. He sat in his costumes for several hours. I was so impressed and so much in love. He was so stinking cute. I am so happy and thrilled with his progress.

Thanks for looking!!!!


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