Posted by: Nancy Brown | November 27, 2006

Blog Challenge: Angels among us.

November 25, 2005 : Thanksgiving was a hard day for me. It was really hard to not have the cute little guy with us. Me and Dallas went and saw Tyler before we got ready for dinner and he looked great. He is doing well and taking a bottle. He gets to eat two times a day or once a shift. He ate one full ounce for thanksgiving and today he had 20cc. He was put back on heat in the isollette so he could gain more weight. He was using all his energy to keep his temperature ( which he did) that he wasn’t gaining weight. He didn’t get his head tapped yesterday but he did get tapped today. He doesn’t always need it tapped. He will just get it tapped when he has a growth in head circumference. Today we went up to see him and my Brother Barrett got to see him and hold him. He was visiting from Missouri. He did great today and seems to be doing very well. Lets hope he gets home for the next holiday. *TAKEN FROM TYLER’S WEBSITE*

I wanted to show you all what one year ago was like for us. It was really hard and it was not one that I want to relive. But through it all there were so many people who have helped us. I have met a wonderful lady through my “blog world”  that has a son with CDLS. He is beautiful and was the inspiration for this “challenge.” So this is my challenge to everyone out there in Blog world. Who are your angels?

First Angel was my primary Nurses at LD Barb and Gerald. I felt they told me the straight up truth about our odds and also gave us hope and some “light at the end of the tunnel” if you will.

Our Primary Nurses at PCMC, Lisa McNabb and Jennika. I don’t know Jennika’s last name but I have known Lisa for several year. In fact, I knew Lisa before she was Nurse Lisa. She was my favorite nurse and felt so much better having her there. She was such a comfort.

The friends that we made at PCMC will forever  be one of my angels. Although  they don’t know what they mean to me and Dallas. Erin and Bryce  and their sweet Angel baby Maeve. She was his bed mate*next door* and first girlfriend. They were always there on the other side of the “sound proof curtain” and would make sure that they Nurses that didn’t  know our Tyler weren’t doing anything wrong. Although they never did get to take Sweet baby Maeve home they will forever be our friends.  We are so glad to have sweet Maeve watching over us. Maeve also had CDLS.  Erin and Bryce are currently expecting and we think of them often and wish them lots of baby dust for a long healthy pregnancy.

My friends at Utah kids. I have met several in person and couldn’t get through a Tyler crisis alone. Some of my favorites include Stephanie and her amazing little Man Joey. ( Joe) She has gone at it with no diagnosis but has fought long and hard to get him all the medical help that she can for her son. Oh.. did I mention he was handsome AND our Tylers best friend.

Lisa. Lisa is amazing and I love her. She gets it. She understands. She tells me its gonna be okay and she makes me believe that it is. I hope that some day as my Angel that she gets what her heart desires. She deserves it.  Thanks Lisa!!

Jenny and Jack…. What a handsome little dude. He is cute as a button and we love his head. We are shunt buddies. Hydrocephalus is our connections along with the Utah kids. She makes me feel normal. she is an angel. Lets face it.. with a face like Jack’s you can’t help but fall in love!!

Jenn and her preemie Zach. I have known Jenn long before we entered a world of not normal. I knew her before we were both married. Its funny how small the world actually is. On a side note.. she is the reason I had to hold off holding my baby! But we aren’t bitter! We were but we aren’t any more :)!! She is one of those girls that always has me laughing whether  she knows it or not!

There are many others that I claim as my angels. Heather, Jody, and all the ladies on the list. I can’t thank you enough for all the nice and good advice that I have been given. Utahkids has saved my life.

Last but not least….. Dr. Marissa and Nurse Jen. I can’t go a week without talking to one of them. Marissa has known us since the begining. She knew us as a 2 lb little man that would not gain weight out of a heated incubator. She has seen us through sad, happy and frustrated to many times. She has made us the top priority more than once in her life. Nurse Jen is the greatest in the whole world. I think of her as a total Angel. She has gone through to much for her own good. We think of her often and know that she is definitly an Angel.

So, those who are in my crazy head and world, take my challenge. Who are your angels?  



  1. Very cool post Nancy! And your son Tyler is beautiful. All the best,
    – Karen.

  2. I love this post. Thank you for having me for a friend. It really is gonna be okay. No matter what.


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