Posted by: Nancy Brown | November 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Joey!!!

So Tylers good friend Joe had his bday yesterday. I talked to Stephanie yesteryday morning.  I would like to share a little about this milestone for a mom that doesn’t know what “normal” is.

Joe was not expected to live to see his first bday. Why you ask? Joe has a strange neurological conditions that no one knows what it is called. He was progressing normally until one day he stopped holding his head up and he started to have seizures.  When he was hosptialized to find out what was wrong they told his parents he was terminal.

So, for us that don’t know normal, first birthdays are huge. It is a milestone that everyone hits. Even if we have to be in a wheelchair or we are hooked to tubes or are in a hospital still, we still turn one. If we have seen our child struggle to do normal things, we still turn one! 

We want all others to join in our excitement and we hear the “whats the big deal” comments. If you knew what a big deal it was you would want to join in with us. You would be so happy to give them a gift or to SHOW UP!! ( sorry to be so BLUNT) We wouldn’t have made or taken the effort to invite you or to buy food if we didn’t think it was a big deal.

Anyway. Happy birthday to Joe and happy milestone to Stephanie. I was happy to share in the milestone with you and thank you for sharing our milestone as well. He looked awesome and he is home from PCMC!!!! Yay for Joe!!



  1. I am so glad, that I got to see Joey on his birthday. That was so neat. I love it when kiddos out do the expectations set aside for them, by the medical doctors.

    I see in this *club* of ours , such miraculous things.

    Joey, Adam, Camryn, Becca, Jake, Ethan, Tyler, Zack, Jack and so many others… When I look at the odds, we have defied, never am I more sure… of Heavenly Blessings.

    It’s a great, great, club.

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