Posted by: Nancy Brown | December 13, 2006

Don’t tell him he CAN’T

I have had several happy moments in the past year. We are coming up on our year anniversary of having Tyler home from the NICU.  Getting to 10lbs. Not having to go home with an NG tube. Getting rid of our oxygen. Most recently the ability to sit on our own. But today we hit a new moment. For most NORMAL kids is not a huge deal but for us it is huge. We learned to crawl. We have been mobile but not real crawling but today it was real. IT WAS REAL! On our hands and knees, knees moving in the correct order!! REAL!!

For a whole year some people have told us repeatedly that we won’t ever reach this milestone but guess what… don’t tell him that he CAN’T. We don’t. It makes us as parents determined to have him reach it. We think he can get the moon. Why tell him he can’t?

On another note… For my friends out there. Please know that this is not for bragging purposes. In our “club” there is so many milestones that everyone gets to celebrate. They may not be the normal ones that every kid in the Normal world meets but there is something. Sitting up for a few seconds, Eating by mouth, playing on our side, a smile. There is always something that we can be happy about with you. Please find it in your heart to be happy even if its not what you are doing. We try when things go good for you to be happy. Things were not always happy in our world. They are going good right now… but remeber February, April, May and June. Not so happy. We remember that and we try and visit you. Please remember us in our happy time.

 ( sorry that is my disclaimer for this post… )

YAY for Mobility and don’t say we can’t. We will.



  1. I like your disclaimer. None though, for me needed. I think that those milestones what ever they are, should be celebrated with gusto.

    I am a never say never girl too. I am so proud of Ty, what a go getter he is, and ya know?

    Mom and Dad, arn’t half bad, either!

  2. Yay! For milestones. You should be celebrating and so proud of what your little one has accomplished.

    Thanks for visiting Parker’s blog. To answer your question, for us the spend down program isn’t going to work either. I spent all day Friday banging my head against a brick wall hoping that this avenue would pan out for us.

    We are simply stuck in the middle. On paper we make too much, but after the dust settles there isn’t enough to pay for everything that Parker needs and our mortage, groceries etc.

    It sounds as though you are using the spend down program to pay for synergis shots? After a huge fight with our insurance they agreed to cover Parker this year. This will be his second year with the shots.

    It is literally a ‘middle class’ curse. And there are a lot of people in the same boat as we are. If Parker qualified for CHIP he would, over all, have better insurance coverage than he does with our insurance company.

    Parker is now needing growth hormone shots. Since our insurance sees this as cosmetic they won’t touch them. They are exceptionally expensive. It doesnt’ matter that Parker is TWO and weighs less than 16 pounds.

    I love your ‘don’t tell me Ty can’t attitude. Hang on to it. That is the type of thinking that will help your little one achieve his goals!

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