Posted by: Nancy Brown | December 17, 2006

I fell in love!!

Duh! You might say. But it is so true. I have 2 special guys in my life. I am so in love. Not the same love but deep none the less. Can I share?

My true love, my eternal companion, my helpmate, my handsome man and my hubby. No words can describe my ultimate and deep love for him. He is amazing. He is thoughtful. I always thought I would marry the Jock type but I didn’t. I feel in love with a geek. I have never been more grateful to be married to him than I have in the last few weeks.  He understands me. He helps me and is very thoughtful. Here is an example of my husband. I was gone by 9 this morning to do some Christmas stuff. I was fully expecting to come home and start the house work and start the dutiful and painful and not to mention thankless job of a house mom and I walked in to the wrong house. Meaning it was already  done. He took the time out of his day to clean it all up and put things away and even run the “sweeper” AKA the vacuum. (sweeper is a common term in the great state of Indiana) He did it so that I didn’t have to be overwhelmed. He does stuff like that all the time.

Last year he would go up to the NICU after putting in hours of work just to be a dad. He was wonderful. Somedays it felt like a race because he wanted to sit there and hold him. He could sit for hours and hold him and look at him. I saw this glow or twinkle or something that wasn’t there before.

He overcame the fear of hospitals. He never did LOVE to be there. No sane person would. But he did do it with no complaints. He still hates the infant unit and we never have to go there again. He did deal with it. He grew so much and had to soak in so much information. When he wouldn’t understand something he would not get flustered but he would come home and look it up. He attends the “important” appointments and will take off work for the other ones but he is more than willing to do what he needs in order to make it and be there for us and Tyler.

He works to support us. He works hard. He does more than one job in order to make it so I can stay home with Tyler. He does such amazing work and he is so smart. He is caring and loving. He is the cutest dad in the whole world.

My other man is Tyler. There is so much love in his little body that he just over flows with something. I can’t put my finger on it. Some people say its his spirit from all he has gone through. others say its because he is a miracle. People are drawn to him when we go out. People want to touch him and they always look at him and they always say something.

In the morning he is so happy to see me. He very rarely wakes up mad. I pick him up and he gives me “love taps” on my shoulder. He use to come in bed with me and Dallas and he would touch Dallas’ face and say “dada”. He would smile when I put him next to his dad.

After spending all day with his mom he is ready to have a change of pace. When 5:30 hits he wants his dad. When Dallas walks into the house Tyler is ready to play. He is ready to tell Dad all his doings for the day. He talks and talks. He coos and smiles and tells his dad EVERYTHING.

He just started giving kisses. Real ones. He moves towards our faces. He knows what he wants. He melts us. He gives dad these kisses. It melts us both. the laugh that we get from him when he sees his dad melts my heart.

When I see the two of them together there is no mistake in my mind I made the right choice.  I know with no doubts in my mind that Dallas was meant to be mine. I know that there is no other man for me. I know for some reason Heavenly Father sent a miracle to us. We don’t know why and we didn’t know it would turn out this way a little over a year ago. We NEVER thought he would be like he is. We knew we would love him but we didn’t know how much.

I never knew in my whole heart that when I laid eyes on his fragile little body that I would love him so much. I never knew that I would know the first time that I laid eyes on Dallas that I would LOVE him so much. It took a long time to say it but I knew. 

I never knew I could love 2 people so much!! But I do. 

“In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities. Families lie at the center of our Heavenly Father’s plan.” L. Tom Perry



  1. Ah, what a special tribute. I am so glad you are happy and content.

    You deserve that.

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