Posted by: Nancy Brown | December 23, 2006

Our 1 year anniversary!!

Its finally here. We have made it 365 days ( give or take a hospital stay) as parents. Not NICU parents but actual “real life” parents. NICU parents and “real” parents are totally different.

REAL parents get to take their baby home with them. They get to wake up in the middle of the night. They get to rock their baby to sleep in their own home. They get to listen to Apnea and oxygen monitors go off and have the scare IN THEIR OWN HOME.

What a year this has been for our little family. Tyler has been so much joy. We have cried many nights over the scares of being a real parent. But we have smiled as we have hit many milestones we never thought we would see.

One year ago the day started with me running to WIC to get our first set of checks for his high calorie overpriced formula. We were so thankful to be able to have WIC. It helped out tons. My appointment was at 7 in the morning. We then headed up to PCMC and washed our hands for the last time as NICU parents. We walked in and got greeted by MANY smiling faces so happy to see us reach our goal. Ty was in his BIG BOY crib and he was waiting for us to come and dress him and take him home.

After getting the “education” we needed on his oxygen and his montitor we had all the help the NICU could spare to pack our three months worth of “STUFF” into personal belonging bags and out to our car. We were beaming from ear to ear.

We went through all the discharge stuff and headed out to the front desk where we were greeted with a Poloroid for the “board” that we had spent weeks walking by hoping to make it home by our due date.  And off we went.

There was no way that we could wipe that smile off our face as we left what had become our home. We had hoped we wouldn’t see the inside for a long time ( even though we knew we had appointments) We didn’t want to have to stay. We weren’t sure what the outcome would be. We didn’t know what we were in for. But we knew he was our responsiblity. He was our little boy.

Ty made it home just over 5lbs. He was so tiny. He was so perfect. He went from fine to hungry in about 2.6 seconds. He didn’t sleep even close through the night. But he was ours and he was home.

As we pulled into our house we had balloons and signs welcoming us home. My mom was here and the Browns and Crystal came shortly after. It was like we we “normal” yet we were far from it. We came home on oxygen so that was not normal.

We spent the day holding and loving our new little man. He was home!!

Now, one year later we marvel at what he has accomplished. He is currently 17 lbs 9 oz and 31 1/4 inches tall. He is crawling like a champ and getting better everyday. He usually sleeps through the night and LOVES his dad.

A mom couldn’t be so lucky……

My man made it home for his Due date…. Dec.24th 2005……..



  1. I can remember when he came home. It was a long wait, but it happened. Mom came back home on Christmas Eve to help “santa” with his visits and then we went up i think on the 27-28 to see Tyler home. I remember I was so scared to be around him because I had been so sick, but everything was fine. I love the little man so much!!!

  2. OH that is just really neat.

    What a day. I remember ours!

    What a happy happy day!


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