Posted by: Nancy Brown | January 2, 2007

Our Year in Review

We had a great but busy year in 2006. We had many good and many bad. Or rather many ups and downs. Here is our Year in review.

1. Tyler came home for Christmas last year and we had him home for the New year.

2. Tyler  went through his craniosynostosis surgery with Flying colors. He did really well and we were so proud of him.

3. We made it through Shunt surgery and a month of HELL till we got a revison in June.

4. We made it a year

5. We hit many milestones this year including sitting on our own, crawling and the newest development….. Pulling to stand.

6. Dallas, Tyler and I were sealed in June for Time and all Eternity in the Manti LDS temple. It was a an amazing day.

7. Dallas and I had our 1 year anniversary.

8. I have made many new friends through my group called Utah Kids.

9. Dallas found a new job and is doing really well at it. He has been there for almost one year!

10. We have made it this far

I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but for me it was HUGE!! All of those things were such huge things in my life. Tyler has been a roller coaster ride. Being married has been so great. I can’t believe that Dallas and I have been married for a year. ( Almost a year and half) We have gone through a TON of downs but they have not outshined the good.

I think the most important day was June 10th. We were sealed as an Eternal Family. It was so spiritual. It was the most amazing feeling to know that Dallas and Tyler were mine forever. No event, no death, no NOTHING could or will be able to take them away from me.

I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings to us. We feel like we are ready to take on the world. I am sure that will change. But for now we go forward. Reaching a new dawn… a new begining.. 2007!!!!

My resolutions: To update Tylers site more. To blog more . I would like to read my scriptures more. I am planning to do a scripture journal. I kept one on my mission but haven’t since. It is a thought in process. Also…… I want to lose weight. I want to be able to get down to the post plastic surgery weight. It was really nice but I want to feel better when I look into the mirror. SO… Those that read this. REMIND ME!!!!



  1. What a year you have had! You’ve had many amazing things happen and pulled through the tough things and came out shining. You are an inspiration!

  2. I think Tyler is quite the cutey. Sounds like our lil turkeys have some common things, please feel free to email me I would love to talk with you…

  3. -What a year.

    07, will be much better!

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