Posted by: Nancy Brown | January 15, 2007

My random thoughts

We had a full week of therapy in our house. It was suppose to start Tuesday and have someone every day. I was so excited. So I got Ty all ready on Tuesday and they canceled. Kinda went that way the rest of the week. We would get  all ready and they canceled. Even seemed that way with my friends….. They all canceled.

Ty is doing awesome except in the sleeping part. He does not want to sleep. We started him on melatonin and he has done a lot better. Of course lately we have added a dose of bendadryl and some mortin. We think he is getting a tooth. He has been mean mean and his gums are not even but there is nothing there.

I am been really pissy with Dallas for no reason. I seem to bite his head off. I feel kinda bad. I don’t want to be mean. He hasn’t even done anything mean or anything. He is great.  He is so great but I still seem to bite his head off. I hope he can forgive me.

My family ( extended) has had some major issues and its starting to take its toll. It feels kinda lonely and a lot of my friends have been so wrapped up in their own stuff they seem to have forgotten about me. I try really hard to be kind and offer support but wonder when I will get my turn to have a little bit of support.

I have randomly run across several new friends from blogs and have loved talking to them. I love to read about what is going on. They seem to be living my life in a different state.

Dallas has a interview for Paypal in Arizona in a few weeks. We are really excited. Its strange to think that I would have to move away from my support system but lately I feel like they have not been much of a support. ( or at least a few of them) I am excited to embark on a new adventure if that is what we decide to do.

SO… as random as that is. That is me. Kinda BLAH. Kinda ready to do some housekeeping .. Not wanting to feel leached but need some support. I always ask what can I do…. when is my turn?


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