Posted by: Nancy Brown | January 20, 2007

Here are some more….41-69!!! More to come

41. I hate driving down to my parents alone. It is a long drive and I would much rather do it with Dallas.

42. I think that people need to take responsibility for their actions. Sometimes doing that hurts and hurts others around us but it makes us not make more dumb decsions later in life.

43. I really like to read. I like books. I Like stories. I just finished a 400 page book in less than a month. I did it just by reading at night. I really really liked it.

44. I have a broken tailbone. I am pretty sure it is broken anyway. It hurts really bad and it makes me not want to sit …. It really bad. I want to cry.

45. I feel bad when bad things happen to other people. I wish that I had a way to waive a magic wand and fix things but I don’t.

46. I sometimes feel like people think I judge them but I don’t. I do think that sometimes i have good advice for them but they won’t take it but I don’t think badly of them

47. I really miss school. I miss having a job. I really want to work in the field of my choice but I don’t feel like I have the ability to go get a good job.

48. I am afraid of germs.

49. I hate infomercials that are on at night. THey are dumb. There is no point to them. If there really was a cure for obeseity then I am sure it would be broadcast on CNN not Lifetime.

50. We haven’t gone to the temple since we were sealed. I would like to go again.

51. I hate surprises. I hate trying to keep things a secret from like Dallas.. I allready gave him his bday present.

52. I hope we get the Job in Arizona cause I would really like to go and live outside of Tuah and show people that we are really gonna make it.

53. I don’t like it when adults rely soley on parents to support them when things go bad. I had to do it to some extent when we had Tyler but I still hate doing it and I hate when it is done.

54. I wonder what my life will be like in  a year from now.

55. I cried during Oprah yesterday.

56. I am afraid someone will want to hurt my children. Tyler goes to complet strangers and is totally happy. He could easily be taken away from me.

57. I wonder what would have happened if I didnt’ make the decsion to marry Dallas. What would my life be like if I had stayed with Cameron?

58. I think about my mission every day. I don’t really have regrets but I think about it all the time. I think mostly about the good things that happened.

59. I seceretly want to live in South Bend. I don’t know why. I am sure I have mission goggles on. ( meaning if I went back I would see that it is a yucky place) I would love to live someplace like that .

60. I am not afraid to move. I am just afraid of finding doctors to help me take care of my son.

61. I think that his shunt has more issues than it does. I always get afraid that it is not working correctly. I am scared of shunts

62. I hate walmart but I go there because it is dirt cheap.

63. I take sleeping pills at night. I would love to get myself some ambien so that I don’t have to take over the counter stuff

64. Dallas takes major sleeping pills. I took one once and I couldn’t keep my eyes open

65. I suck at housekeeping. I wish I didn’t but I do.

66. I kept our house clean all last week. I was so proud of myself.

67. My ass is really broken and I am not sure what to do about it.

68. I hope that my next baby is as cute as Tyler. I don’t think that others peoples kids are cute. I think that some are but for the most part I don’t

69. I have seen an ugly baby

Okay… that is all I can think of for tonight… I guess I didn’t hit 100 yet….. Just wait


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