Posted by: Nancy Brown | February 3, 2007


As most of you allready know we are moving. Dallas has accepted a job with Paypal. It is an EBAY company. They have recently changed their department and they moved it to Scottsdale AZ. So we are starting a new journey.  A new chapter. Dallas verbally accepted the offer on Friday so we are now waiting for the paper copy to sign and send back. We are hoping to start on the first monday in March. that will leave us just enough time to get Tyler’s surgery done here in Salt Lake City and move our family to Arizona.

We have decided to rent a house instead of an apartment because of the space. We want 3 bedrooms and we can rent a house cheaper than an apartment. So we figure why not. We are looking at several right now and are just waiting to hear back on them.

PayPal is paying a company to come into our *condo* and pack and move us. We will be getting things ready for them to do that the next 2 weeks.  At least we dont have to do it. They will also be shipping one of our cars down there as well. We get three tickets from paypal to move and we don’t know yet how or who to have use them.

Its a new adventure that we are super excited about. Dallas will get quartely bonuses from EBAY as long as they make money….. so BUY AND SELL ON EBAY!!!  We are excited.



  1. I am so excited for your new and jubulant adventure. I wish it were us in a way.

    Houses are nice, I am excited for ya!

  2. I’m so excited you are getting out of the Utah Bubble!!

    And… good to hear Dr Walker trained the NSG you’ll be transfering to…

    Yay, for small/BIG miracles…

    Good luck this week…with the anticipation or surgery…I’ve been there…hope you can find peace.

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