Posted by: Nancy Brown | February 14, 2007

we are home

So I ended up not making it through the night up at PCMC with Ty. I had such a migraine and he was not interested in calming down to go to sleep. He did sleep in his crib alone for about 45 minutes. After that he was up. I was  getting sicker and sicker .I finally called Dallas mom to come up and sit with Tyler. Tyler puked all over right before she got there so they decided to put his IV back in so that he can get some of the meds he had prescribed by IV only.  I went home and got a few hours of sleep.

We brought him home and I am so glad to be home. I just wish that he felt better. We have a ton to do and we are still not sure how this new baby is going to act so it is like having a new born again. Waiting and wondering…. NOT FUN!!!

And now for my venting……

I had a horrible time at PCMC. I was so sad the whole time. It was like living in a hole in the NTU. It was so bad.  We went from the happy bright nice new rooms upstairs to dark broken chairs. Ty was not as happy. I was not as happy. The nursing was great and they were really nice. I was just so mean. I was sick to my stomach being there.

The Forever Young thing just devasted me.  I was crying so hard. It was so bad. It made it even worse to walk  back to NTU. Then the night seemed to get worse..

When I got home at like 2 in the morning I had to ring the doorbell a ton to wake up Dallas and I felt horrible. I coughed most of the night till I finally took some cough meds and was able to fall asleep. So about 3 I was asleep. I had to be up at 5 so I could change the laundry around so that it would be done in time to go back to spell off Grandma. But I couldn’t do it. I had to send Dallas. The thought of going back up there to spend the night AGAIN was to much. I was sick to my stomach and was so glad to have Dallas up there. He called and told me that we were coming home. I felt so much better.

NOW….. I am so sad that some people that I thought were really good friends couldn’t take the time to show that they care.  I can’t wait till they need someone and they think that I am a “friend:” so theycan know EXACTLY what I felt…. It was HELL.



  1. I am so glad to hear that you are home. Really glad. I hope that you can find comfort in familiar surroundings, and joy in getting this over with. I am so glad there were not more complications.

    Friendship is a strange thing. Sometimes, I think I can liken it, to the love languages. Have you heard of that? Where they say we as individuals speak our own love language. Gifts, Quality Time, Words of Affection, Acts of Service and Phyiscal affection. We speak or do, how it is that we want to spoken to ourselves. The challenge is.. to find a way where your partner (insert friend) can hear your language and recipicate in kind.

    The only problem is.. is that each person has to have a desire… to hear the others language.

    It’s really disasterous, when… not only can they not hear your language, they don’t invest the time to figure out what your language is.

    I am sorry you felt unsupported and let down. I really despise that feeling, and I understand (at least in some small way) what it is like , and it isn’t fun.

    I appreciate your candor with me. I’m glad to call you friend. Thank you for the kindnesses you have shown me.

    And GOOD luck, Mr Ty.

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