Posted by: Nancy Brown | February 25, 2007

Why do people have more than one kid?

As I sit here writing this lovely blog I am listening to my sweet but insomniac child cry. I hate the crying it out thing. BUT what else do you do. He will not sleep. He was up every 45 minutes last night. NOT JOKING!! One day he just decided to be naughty and stop sleeping. We are softies and have kinda been ok with it but last night was the icing on the cake. He didn’t even do this when he was a newborn/ Full term and home. This is just to much. He is like the perfect birth control.

If anyone has any advice please feel free to leave it. I know that this is not the best way according to Attachment parenting but we have tried EVERYTHING. He gets melatonin, he gets benadryl, he gets a calm bed time routine. Its quiet. He has a cd of classical stuff from baby Einstein. He is just not shutting down. It is getting a little nuts around here. I have not had 2 hours of straight sleep since we have been home from the hospital this last time. Its nuts.. and driving me nuts.

 So… tell me this why do you have more than one kid? I think you are all nuts…..



  1. If it makes you feel better the “cry it out” method is what my pediatrician recommends. You will be a better mom 100% of the time if you are getting the sleep you need. If you are up with him in the night then you are only 1/2 the mom all the time. Our Ped has been trying to get me to be “tough” for quite awhile now. Finally, little man and I are both getting more sleep.

    Now its just time to catch up on all those hours of lost sleep.

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