Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 5, 2007

Packers and movers….. The Woe’s and Pro’s

So those who are *friends* know that I am homeless. That’s right. I sure am. I am currently jumping between my parents house and my inlaws. Why you are asking? WELL… I will tell you. In the midst of being all alone last week Ebay ( whom we LOVE) decided that they would like to hold training in San Jose California. Not a huge deal. Well for me it is. I was planning on leaving to go to Arizona on Saturday to be with Dallas. After one week of being alone in Utah ( and not really alone cause there were lots of people around * disclaimer for the ONE that thinks I am lonely*) We ( Dallas and I) decided it was in our best interest to have me stay in Utah where Friends and family to help me out with Tyler. So that is what I am doing.  Dallas is currently in the process of flying to San Jose and then will be back late on Thursday. My flight plans are soon to come.

So… Here are the events of the packers. What a day!! They showed up right on time Friday. Thank goodness my parents were there to help or they would have left. I was not given all the information that I needed in order to be totally prepared for them. No biggie. My dad helped smooth it over with the head guy and in the end he totally rocked. They were excellent. They had my whole house packed in bubble wrap ( actually packing paper but I like the sound of bubble wrap) and loaded and gone by about 5 Saturday afternoon. I was exhausted and we still had some cleaning to do. My dad cleaned the carpets. Me and my mom cleaned the bathroom. With only the kitchen left we decided I would do that next week when I spent the rest of the few days with my inlaws.

As I was taking some stuff to the car I ran into my CUTE neighbor,Nadeya. She decided that she wanted to help and is going to be cleaning what is left of my house by Thursday. I seriously love Nadeya. She is the nicest, sweetest girl in the world. So … That left me ready and out the door.

The worst part of having movers and packers…. well.. Nothing really. I didnt’ have to pack my house all by myself. I didn’t have to get a bunch of Dudes from the Church to pack and load my stuff. I didn’t have to rent a Uhaul. I didn’t have to do much at all. It was great. All my stuff was safely packed away with little blankets wrapped around EVERYTHING.  I LOVE That this new job provided this for us. It was a huge relief to get it all done.

The house update…. We have applied for a house in Mesa. It is on a new street and a new neighborhood. There is a few houses that have not even been built yet. Dallas said it was really nice. It is below our targeted price and it has everthing ( minus a fire place and a second story) that we wanted. When I left on Saturday the Landlord had allready called our old landlord to get a reference for us. That was 9 am on Saturday. I guess we will hear something soon. I will let you all know. Can’t wait.

Thanks to all those that helped and thanks to Ace relocation and their crew. What a wonderful job they did. Even from the gruff exterior of the crew they totally grew on you!! My recommendation … if you move… HIRE PACKERS!~~~~~ 



  1. Even better is get your company to do like eBay did and pay for the packers!

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