Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 8, 2007

A book review….. Sorry…

While down at my moms I have a tendency to raid her bookshelves and dive into strange books.  Strange.. meaning ones I wouldn’t read in other situations. Last time I was down I got hooked on The Work and the Glory. I have purposely skipped over this book for many reasons but this time I decided to read it.. I LOVED IT!! Its called the Journey of the Promise. It is written by a lady named JoAnn Arnold.

It is about a girl named Callie who gets married to a man named Anthony. After taking a few trips with him and talking to a friend she sees somethings in her marriage that aren’t right.  She uses her knowledge of the Gospel to help her find a way to fix it. That is all I am going to say. I totally recommend this to anyone who wants a nice Mormon novel to read. It is suspense full and very good. You can find it online at!! Or.. if you are traveling by way of Orangeville Utah you can pick it up at the local Food Ranch.



  1. Only if you have been to Orangeville do you know about the “local Food Ranch”. I am going to miss you guys. I have already been so lonely this week without you guys. I didn’t realize how much safety I felt with you guys just down the road. I love you guys! Make sure you get Ty on video doing his “wave” I love it!! See ya later! Love ya!

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