Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 8, 2007

Only a few more days!!

So…. Here is the update you have all been sitting on the edge of your seat for. Me and Tyler are leaving on Friday night!! We will get in Pheonix about 9:30. We are so excited to see Dallas. Tyler has been talking all week and Dada is the most common word.

We sent our deposit for the house Yesterday and it should have gotten there today so we have a house. It is such a nice house. We are super super excited to be in a house and not an apartment. We are so blessed right now.

Dallas is loving his new job. He is learning a lot and we totally feel like this is the right place for us. Its funny cause not one thing has worked out like we had originally planned. But… it has worked out. Funny how faith happens. It will never be exact it seems God is more determined to make us make choices… then he honors them and we go with the flow.

That is it for now. I am heading back to the city first thing in the morning. On a Tyler note….. He got 2 more teeth with 2 more fighting their way through.. what fun we have had….


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