Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 10, 2007


This move is NOT going as planned in our head. NOT ONE THING!! But… we are so happy.  The stroller wasn’t put together like I thought it would be. So I had to carry everything. My luggage was over weight so we had to pay extra. ( airlines rape you BTW) Then the flight from Phenix to SLC was delayed at the gate. That made us delayed about an hour. We didn’t get in till after 10:30. We had to stop at a grocery store to get some more milk for my Bubby the to our housing. So we were super late. We gave Tyler a bath and put him to bed. He slept alone in a big bed all night. I slept in the twin bed next to him but he slept ALONE!! It was so nice. But we are going to go to our new house today.

We had an amazing trip. We got there and it was all wrong. When I got to the terminal a lady was looking at us funny. She kept staring. The lady seemed nice and yet she was just kinda looking at me. She watched our stuff while I went potty and got Ty changed.  When I got back she was still looking at me funny. So she started asking about Ty’s scars.  Then she asked where we were moving to. I was a litle leary about telling her. But we kept talking and I told her. Turns out she is Mormon and her daughter lives in the EXACT neighborhood we are moving to. Her and her husband are moving there this spring. She gave me her cell number and her daughters.

The ward we are moving into has six nurseries. LOTS of young couples. That is exactly what we need. We need lots of young couples to hang out with and who are in the same boat we are. We were so excited to hear that we would be in a ward like that.

The whole plane was *drawn* to Tyler. So many people commented on how they were drawn to want to touch him. I didn’t cause of Germs!! But he had the whole terminal smiling while we were waiting. Seriously, there is something about this kid. And it isn’t because he is my kid either. I allready thought he was special.

Well, we have an appointment in Mesa to see our house. As we are sitting here it is 61 degress. Suppose to get into the 90’s this week. YAY!!!!! I will get some pictures of the new house soon. We are on the way to find some breakfast.





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