Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 11, 2007

Day 2… Oh what fun!!

Hello!! I hope that everyone is warm and good. I promise I won’t be counting much. But we are here for our first weekend. We are still in our corporate housing. I cooked breakfast this morning and cleaned it all up. All our laundry is done and folded and put away. I need to vacuum so I will just give the maid a call on Monday. We have a maid here. Basically what we live in here is a condo. Two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a pool and hot tub and garden tub in our condo. Its great.

So yesterday I took my first trip to our new house. I LOVE IT!! It is a three bedroom 2 bathroom house. It is brand new. It just got finished a few weeks ago.  Our room has a shower and seperate garden tub and a double sink. Ty’s bathroom is a double sink and a tub/shower. Its a big bathroom. I have a large walk in closet. Dallas will have his own room for his stuff. And Ty will be right next to our room. The kitchen is great. Brand new everthing. The microwave is one of those new ones that have a double shelf in it. All the appliances are black except our fridge. Our fridge is the new metal ones or silver I guess. We have a 2 car garage and a laundry room. A big backyard but… NO LAWN. Not many places down here have grass. But we have not even a patch. Ty is gonna have to get use to playing in the rocks.

In the neighborhood there is a park and up the street is our stake house. We live by a brand new shopping center. It has a walmart, famous footwear, babies r us, Kohls, hair salon, fitness center, Costco, petsmart…. You name it. it isn’t finished all the way either so there will be more stores added. The Mesa mall is on Power road which is a few freeway exits away. So not far at all.

I am super excited. There are suppose to be a lot of new younger families in the area. More friends than I can even imagine I guess.  I guess I won’t be alone after all. What a great choice for us right now.

The weather is heating up fast!! Yesterday it was 82 degrees. Today is suppose to be the same. By the middle of the week it is suppose to be in the 90’s. In Utah they are still in the 60’s. What a change.

Also for those that don’t know. Arizona doesn’t change time in the daylight savings time. We are now an hour behind .. I think that is pacific… Correct me if I am wrong.

As soon as we get ourself settled I will take pictures of the house. We LOVE it. I am so excited. I need to remind myself that when I get homesick right!!!

Here is the link to some pictures of our new house… Enjoy!!!!


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