Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 13, 2007

Yes!!! We know it gets hot in Arizona

One huge complaint I have about this move to Arizona. It isn’t about the move itself but about how people respond. A conversations usually goes about like this.

 Person A: How do you like Arizona?

Me: Oh we really like it so far. We were able to get out our summer stuff. We went to the pool. We really enjoy it.

Person A: Yeah but just wait till July. Then you will be hating life.

Me: Yes. we know it gets hot here. About 114. It only lasts for a few weeks and then the hot hot weather is really only a few months. We will be ok with that for 9 months of really nice.

Person A: I don’t know how anyone could like it with no grass and cactus everywhere….

Me: Yes well, it took some time for us to get us to that as well. There are parks and pools all over so it was ok.

Person A: Yeah I guess but I could not ever live there…

That is how a normal conversation has been going with people in Utah. YES  we know it gets hot. Yes we know there is no grass. Do you really think we would pack and move and not know that it is hot. We do. But do you not realize it doesn’t snow here. We didn’t like the snow. We didn’t like that RSV season was six months and that for 6 months out of the year we had to hibernate. Do you realize that the chances we have gotten here is something we didn’t have in Utah. We will adjust. We will get use to it. We will pay the super high air conditioning bill when the summer comes. You don’t have to. Not once did we ask you to.

That is my rant…..



  1. I was one of those “Person A” types…but deep down being a cali girl it is jealousy coming out…SORRY!!! I wish I lived WITHOUT snow…

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