Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 17, 2007

Boxes.. boxes… do you know where my stuff is?

I can’t believe we are finally in our house. It was so nice ot get here and so nice to finally be able to get into our house. Now comes the crappy stuff. The unpacking. We were going to have the movers unpack. But the unpack isn’t what it is cut out to be. They just leave your stuff on your floor. What if you can’t get to it for a while? Don’t matter… still on your floor. So I opted to have them just put together the stuff they had to take apart. So the crib, desk and stuff like that. Then it was my turn. I have the job of unpacking.

I don’t mind it really. It is just time consuming and sometimes you don’t feel you have gotten very far. Then, like tonight, when something breaks you didn’t realize was there and you are sad then it makes it frustrating. But the result of a clean kitchen, room or bathroom is all worth it.

You can see some pictures of our house on Dallas website. There is a link on my front page. I am to tired to add pictures. My feet hurt from standing on the tile but MY KITCHEN IS DONE!! So tommorow.. it is on to the bedroom and the bathroom. 

Thanks to all the peopelewho have been thinking of us as we make this move. We just found out today that we will be reimbursed for our deposit on our house. I am so glad that some things are starting to work out a little better.

On the home front *in Utah* any way…. My mom hurt her leg yesterday. She had a knee replacement at Christmas and has been doing well. While she was teaching she did something and it hurt it again. They are suppose to come and see us next week… Please if you can remember her in your prayers.

Also.. Tammy, my sister, got the news that her BIL was just diagnosed with Lung cancer. He is not a smoker  but got cancer while he was in Iraq serving our country. Please keep him in your prayers as well.

Here in Az we hit record breaking temps this week and hit the record high of 99 today. It was nice. Sunny as could be. Here is a funny for the day… I was in the bathroom and heard a fake laugh.. I came in to my room. Ty had found a box with his toys in it. He stood up and decided he wanted them and went head first into the box. His feet were off the ground and his butt was in the air. He figured he couldn’t get out so he started to cry. I wish I had a camera… it was great.

Thats all for now….. LEAVE A COMMENT!! I am in need of them 🙂



  1. Haha I wish you had a camera for that too…darn it…Glad to hear things are starting to look up…cool about the deposit…and I am jealous of the 99…but we will revisit that in July…LOL

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