Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 19, 2007

Our first sunday!!

So I know some people who read this are not of my faith. But I will send you there so you can learn more. Those who are … well enjoy…

Our church is just up the street from us. It is the stake center. The area right now is growing so fast. The Ward that we are in was split in August down to about 300 people. Since tehn is has grown to a HUGE 600 people. The Sacrament meeting was so full. We sat on the free throw line in the gym. It was packed.  The Primary has 300 kids.. 300… There are 4 nurseries. Soon to be 6. There are 2 Elders Quorums. And one Relief Society. Its cause all the women are in the primary.. 300 kids …

We met for Sunday school in with the Bishop. He is so nice. He is an Army brat. He has moved 24 times. Hopes to stay here for awhile. There were six new families in meeting with him. Dallas is in the first quorum of Elders. I am still afraid to send Tyler to Nursery so he might not go for awhile.

The Elders have 4 major activites with Spouses a year. 1 of them we love and the one we would totally go to. They play basketball every week for several hours and they get togheter quite often. The Relief Society is what makes me so happy. Every other day they have Aerobics with child care at the chrurch. They are trying to get a volleyball games going with Child care. The young womens have put togehter a list of girls that want to babysit with wages. Its so nice to have such a big ward family. I met a girl named “J”. She lives up the street and she has 3 kids. Her husband commutes ( if you want to call it that) back and forth to Alaska to work. She was sick of the cold and so moved here. We are allready making plans to met up and hang out. I am so excited.

I googled the temple today down here. It is about 20 minutes away. Someday I would like to go and see it. The Mesa easter pageant is here soon. I would like to see that as well.

On a side note. Those who read my blog about it going private.. it may still happen I have not decided what to do.  



  1. UGH!!! on all the kids… but also…YAY!!! SO MANY FRIENDS!! And with that many…the odds of a kid with special needs, is probably high!!! heehee

    I’m so glad you are happy!! You desevre it, after all you’ve been through!!!

    I’m so jealous of your new beginning!!

    But NOT jealous of the HEAT…;)

    Keep up with the updates….

    Kiss ty for me!! LOVE the falling in the box story!! TOO funny!!

  2. Can’t to see you guys. 4 days!!!!!! YEAH!!!

  3. Ok, let me fix my error since I have been made fun of! I can’t WAIT to see you guys. 4 days!!!!! YEAH!!!

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