Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 20, 2007

Its not going any way near our way….

This move, as mentioned before, is so not going our way. Not one bit of it. Here is a list of crap that has happened.

1. Dallas lost his wallet somewhere. It had everything in it. Drivers license, debit card, social security number, temple recommend. EVERYTHING.

Solution: Got up the day we were shipping him out to Arizona and get a temporary, new debit cards for our account * our bank does em in the branch* and he had to apply for a new Social security when he got to Arizona.

2. We had nothing in our bank account for him to fly down to Arizona. Wouldn’t have been a problem except he had no place to stay. The Condo was not ready for him yet.

Solution: He got here and the condo was ready and the check ended up being here AFTER the mailman had given me the mail. What a mess….

3. I was not given all the info I needed to be ready for the packers and movers. They almost turned and walked out.

Solution : My dad ( whom I love) talked to the guy and he stayed and ended up being a really great guy and did a great job.

4. I had been home alone for a week with a screaming baby and at my end and getting ready to come to Arizona when we were told that Dallas would be training in California.

Solution: Instead of flying out to Arizona alone for a week my parents and Dallas parents took me and Tyler in. We flew out safe and sound

5. In California Dallas had his luggage lost. So for his first day of work at a new job he was in shorts, last nights socks and yesterdays undies…. He has insomnia in which we treat medicinally and he has other meds he has to take or it makes him sick…Well they were in his bag.

Solution: Well we had to wait that one out. We had it delivered the next day and he was fine. He took three showers before he got to work and he smelled yummy *  I am sure*

6. At the Phoenix  airport they don’t take Utah’s temporary drivers licenses and he almost was not allowed on the airplane. They did a full search and pat down and he was almost late for his flight. They were already  boarding.

Solution: again .. he just had to wait it out.

7. Me and Tyler had a plane to catch. That was a mess. My sister came to get us on time. My cell phone was missing. When we got to the airport I had a umbrella stroller I purchased JUST for the trip and I left it in the packaging. It looked like it was all put together.. NOPE!! The wheels were not attached.

Solution:  I will carry it all. No biggie.

8.My bag was overweight. I had to pay fifty bucks to get it on the plane. I had to carry everything and Tyler. The airline wouldn’t allow anyone to assist even though they have that ability to do it. I was carrying Tyler, a carseat ( he had his own seat and ticket so it is required to have a car seat. A backpack and a diaper bag. Not to mention when I got the the security checkpoint I had to take out all my liquids and do it one handed. It was not going well.

Solution: One very nice airport worker called one of those old men taxi/golf cart people to help me get to the terminal. It was great and he got us checked in an everything.

9. At the terminal our plane was delayed 45 minutes getting there. No biggie but I had to give Tyler an ativan inorder to get us through the flight. By the time we got to Arizona our plane was over an hour behind schedule.

Solution: some really nice mormon lady offered her son to help us. Come to find out she and her daughter will be in our new ward. Instant friends. Ty did well and he slept well that night and we were back together  as a family.

11. While we have been here we have lived dirt cheap. We have skimped on everything. We knew that we had to buy a fridge, get us to and from work and pay deposits. As we were preparing to buy our fridge we found out that the rental car that we had and was paid for by the relocation  company is actually one that is going to be reimbursed so it came out of our account and the hotel that Dallas stayed in for a week in California came out of our account. That will be paid for by paypal next pay check.. In the mean time we had a check for some work Dallas did in Utah on its way. It didn’t get here when it was suppose to and it didn’t get to the right residence. It was in Scottsdale. Dallas can’t cash the check because Arizona doesn’t recognize the temps from Utah… Paypal payroll was suppose to be here friday and today it is still  not here.

Solution: The check was able to be cashed and they called the person who wrote it to make sure it was ok. We used it to pay for a fridge. And bought some needed food and to make sure that Tyler had enough to eat.

Today the check was still not here from payroll and we are as frustrated as it gets. We were out of undies and Dallas got our washer hooked up after they came and cut the hole where the drain was suppose to go. He was getting the Dryer hooked up and the plug doesn’t fit. Just our luck !!  And then we realize that there is a solution. I took the close outside to dry after they were washed ( because remember.. its HOT in arizona BLAH) And we are still ok.

 We have been asking why, this sucks, Blah blah.. all of it really does. BUT we know we made the right choice and after everything on that list there was a solution and that we made it through. Our whole married life has had one bad luck after another. We are still ok.

On my mission when NOTHING went right and all the things that should have worked didn’t work we knew that we were in the way of some major blessings. We usually found someone to teach that would eventually get baptized or one of the people we were teaching were getting close to being baptized. Are we in the way of some major blessings. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are together and solutions to the problems keep coming up.

We have driven on empty down here. We are down to our last few diapers and we are almost out of clean clothes. It isn’t going to stop us from knowing we made the right choice.

On a seperate note. I have found out somethings that have really bothered me and am wanting to put my blog on private. I also wish that those involved would come forward and tell me why they are happening. I know you read this because you have asked others questions. Why not follow your own * advice* and come to the person involved. If I did to you what  what you are doing to me you  would be more than angry. I am not angry but would like to have some answers.  If those answers don’t come I will put my blog to private.


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