Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 23, 2007

Does it ever end?

All of our boxes are emopty ( Pretty Much) and now is the not so fun part of putting it where it goes. I hate doing that part. But when the end result comes and my room or the room is clean I am happy.

I am still trying to figure out how to put Ty’s room together. He has to much stuff I think but we “needed” it at the time. I put together his jumparoo the other day and had to raise it up higher cuase he is such a big boy. He was so funny and he jumped and sang us a song. We laughed and laughed. He is so funny lately.

He has decided that he really likes this move ( since he told me .. since he can totally talk) He goes from room to room and plays and he does this little “song”. It is more of a little scream but funny. He follows us the second we leave a room and he comes when we call him. He has discovered opening and closing doors but he struggles with the fact that once he closes the door and sits behind it I can’t get in to get him. I make sure there is a light on and then let him play. It doesn’t matter right!!

The onther thing that makes us happy is his new found discovery that the coolers that are currently being housed in the kitchen are great push toys and he takes them from the sink to the pantry door. Sometimes he doesn’t make it standing so he crawls against it on his knees. We love it. It means our baby will walk. And the best part. He does it flat footed.

The move is going good and our house is almost our house. We love the space and have the phone, tv and internet hooked up. Now we just wait to get settled and that just takes time. Next week we have the Arizona early intervention and the Arizona deaf and blind services coming. They will be doing our services unless we find we need other ones that they don’t have. The bleeds in Tyler’s head is the main reason we still qualify. If Ty catches up by the time he is two we might not be getting those services. But till then we will enjoy them while we get them.

I will get some pictures up this weekend of us. We are going to Florence on Sunday afternoon for a trip around the retirement community that Grandma Warner lives in. She wants to show of Tyler. And my parents along with my little sister are coming. We are excited even if it isn’t a long weekend. They are welcome any time. 

Thats it for now. We wish them luck and PLEASE drive safe in my car 🙂


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