Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 28, 2007

Random stuff about Arizona

Wanna know some random things about Arizona. Okay. I will share.

Our Walmart is absolutly the hugest walmart I have ever seen. The weirdest part… they have TONS and TONS on all the major freeways that are almost as big. HUGE!!

The local Channels are not the same as Utah. So like channel 16 is ABC. It has taken a lot of getting use to. BUT channel three here is News all day. I kinda like that.

The Shane Company in Utah is famous for being closed on Sunday.. Here OPEN!! They work on sunday. I thought that was strange.

40 percent of Arizona drivers are uninsured. The cost for insurance here is OUTREAGOUS. Our insurance is going to be going up about double what we were paying in Utah.

Arizona has been fined by the EPA because of their Nasty air. The difference in the nasty air here is that it is from DUST not smog. There is still so much undeveloped land that it makes a huge huge mess when it is windy.

We have a bigger ward in Arizona than we did in Utah. It has six nurseries. Strange coming from Utah to Arizona and having that happen.

There is cactus. Not just little cactus but big tall ones. My sister thinks they look like pickles.

The Mormon Temple has no spires or angel Moroni on it. I thought it would be ugly but it was really nice.  They have orange trees on the temple grounds. The thing I sasw there that was strange though was some random girl was getting her picture taken in a BLUE dress. We weren’t sure if it was a sweet 15 party pictures or a wedding picture but she was definetly not an endowed member. And her bouquet was sticks.

I picked an orange off a tree at a resturant and it smelled amazing. But it tasted poopy. It was really really gross.

Cactus bloom and they are really pretty. ( I knew that in Utah but not like this)

Mormons are really nice and totally different here. We really like it here.

Dallas drives to work a long ways but we don’t care cause we really like our house.

Scottsdale has a Tiffany’s in the Mall and a saks fifth avenue. Lots of more affluent people live in Scottsdale.

Oh… and they have casino’s here. But only on the Indian reservations. Kinda different. Kinda cool.

That is all I can think about right now. I am sure I will think of more.



  1. They do look like giant pickles.. Prickly pickles! And the girl at the temple, she had to celebrate her 15th birthday because the “latinos” can’t count to 16! LOL!! 🙂 Shane Company, not on the corner of state street and 7200 south, open monday through friday til 8 saturday til 5 closed sunday 🙂 One thing you forgot.. They have weird street names in AZ.. Like DRINKWATER BLVD!!! Who has street names like that!! 🙂 I miss you guys! I had so much fun down there.. Love you guys so much! Remember, if you ever see a harmel accident, let me know! 🙂

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