Posted by: Nancy Brown | March 31, 2007

What a day!!! Well week…..

I don’t think I am going to die today. I thought yesterday I was. It was awful. I was so so so sick. I pretty much slept all day. It was awful. If I stood up I had to RUN to the bathroom. Not sure why but man.. I won’t be eating at that Mcdonalds or that salad from Walmart.

Me and Tyler on Wed. decided to go out exploring our new little environment. We were out for a while so we stopped at the closets resturant we could find after we had explored FAR away… Ok.. only to the freeway. We came home and had a picnic and ate out food. Felt fine. Then I cooked dinner kinda late for Dallas and  I didn’t really like it. We had ceasar salad and chicken. I went into our room and laid down and didn’t feel hot.. it sucked.

So when I woke up yesterday the second I stood up I NEW that I was in big big trouble.  I laid on the floor with Ty and it wasn’t going to work. Dallas got up and took care of him and called in to work. I was so sick I thought I was going to die. We did our normal morning routine but had to have another picnic on the front room floor so I didn’t harf everywhere. Me and Ty laid down for a nap and Dallas went to Walmart to get me some meds and I never heard from them the rest of the day.

When Ty woke up Dallas and him went exploring around as well. ( yes it is a trend in our family) I slept most of the day. Got up and got everyone dinner and went right back to sleep.

Today!! Well.. I had a whole house to clean and it was great. I got a lot of energy burned. Played with Tyler and had a good time. We went for a walk around the block and over to the park and Ty talked the WHOLE time we were out. He loves to talk. I chased him into my room a few times. He has to stop and make sure I am coming and then he laughs and laughs. He really likes our new shower. He can see into it and he knocks on the door till we bend down and talk to him.

Tonight is a LONG night. Dallas called on the way home and said he would be late. He decided he wanted to make Tyler a sandbox. He stopped at home depot and got the stuff. He had to take the long way cause he was afraid the wood would fall so I got to hang out with Tyler. I love being able to rock him and talk to him.

At least I am not going to die and today my house got all cleaned, vacuumed and the laundry done. Tommorow we are hitting the swapmet. Its suppose to be the biggest in the valley and for winter it is huge and it is shutting some of it down in the next few weeks from 4 long rows to 2 with misters for the summer. It has new and used stuff. Almost like EBAY! And YES I like EBAY.

Life is good down here and we are liking it. Here are some picture of Ty and a great Arizona sunset.

Last weekend Ty had his Grandma and Grandpa Labrum come and visit. He had such a good time. He laughed so hard and had all of us laughing at him. Aunt Nicky came with and we spent a long nice day at the Mesa temple.

On Sunday Ty went to visit his Great grandma and grandpa who live in Florence AZ for the winter( I say Ty cause they were so proud to take him around to their neighbors and show him off.)  They are heading home this week to Utah till October. Then they will be back.. just in time to trick or treat at their house!!

 And Yes his hair is growing back and you can hardly see his scars. He looks so good. He is cruising along furniture and he is exploring and getting stuck everywhere. He LOVES the tub… I will have ot get some of those pictures next!!

And he would still prefer to be naked. He was tired and no clothes seems to help. He LOVED being with Grandma Warner. He LOVES all his grandma’s. And he had a weekend full last week. What will we do when we have to go a long time with out one!!!

He was super interested in Grandpa Warner and all he had to show him. He was so tired by the ride home that he crashed quickly!!

 The ride home had such a beautiful sunset. The one thing the pictures are missing are the HUGE HUGE cactus that you see all along the landscape. Its gorgeous. Some day you all should take a trip to the open horizon ( minus the electrical pole) of Arizona.


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