Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 1, 2007


I think that I have the best life ever. I know that may sound crazy to some but seriously we and I am having the best time of my life down here. Yes, family around is nice but you can come and visit!!

We decided that we were going to go walk around the swapmeet here in Mesa. Its HUGE. Its not like most places. In the WINTER it is bigger than the summer. Its too hot in the summer to have it all open so this week is on of the last weeks of the Winter market. We went and I found a great great store that I LOVED!!! Why did I love it? Well, some of you know that my dad LOVES LOVES LOVES John Deere. Its a family thing. My uncle has a whole John Deere basement, christmas tree. Another uncle has john deer lights on his driveway. My AUNT even has John deere stuff. Anyway, My dad gives all the kids ( or tries any way) to give all the kids John Deere tractors when they are born. EVEN Lexi knows about John Deere. Being that we all love John Deere so much I went to look and they had the books I had seen over a year ago. I couldn’t find them again but when I did I had to buy one. Those who know about John Deere know about Corey Combine. Well we have a Corey combine.  It is a working tractor to play with. Its plastic squishy material and the inside *guts* if you will is a BOOK!! I was so happy… here is a picture. ( Or three so you can see what I mean) Also.. here is the start of our LOVE for John Deere. My dad said it was to let Ty know he was as strong as a DEERE!!


 So those are my rough edge picures of COREY COMBINE!!! Fun huh. Then we headed into Scottsdale to the Scottsdale Fashion Square. Its the biggest mall I have ever been to. We hit a resturant and I didn’t like my food so I ate the rest of Tyler’s. Then we hit the mall. They have amazing stores there. Tiffany’s, Dolce and Gabana… Stuff that I would have never seen in Utah. We left after purchasing a amazing pair of canteen flip flops for Dallas :)… Yes you can drink from the soles of them!! At that same shop there were flip flops for over 100 bucks. NOT KIDDING!! In fact they were 175 dollars. I about died.

We came home and Dallas took a nap, I played and laughed with Tyler. He loves being chased. He curls up in a little ball and laughs. I love it. Then we feed the little tike AGAIN!! Went and got a movie and then came home. He didn’t cry all day and he was a perfectly cute little man. He is great.

Here are some photos of him from Today and on Dallas’ site he will have a small movie of Ty dancing at the resturant we ate at today. He is great!!

When we say Smile bubba he looks like that at you…. CUTE HUH!!

 Again.. my cute little dude. Don’t you just want to kiss him!!!

Sorry for the blurry he was moving to the music. He is such a goof!!

I  can’t begin to tell you how comfortable this feels for us.We don’t feel like we have come to a foreign place. We can find things easily. We really like it here. Some times I don’t get the freeway system but I know where a Target, Walmart, babies r us is and a jamba juice so I am set. We live close to a church and we LOVE our ward. Me and Dallas have never been closer. We are having so much fun.

So, those who want a warm place and to see a fun place come to Arizona. We will take you to see a BENTLEY!!! Thats right.. There was one in Scottsdale. We will take you to the temple!! And we will BBQ in our backyard and share our little dude with you!!  We love it… I love it!!



  1. I love days out like that. Really love them. I am glad you are settled and happy and that things are feeling like home.

    Tyler looks so great, and I am glad he is happy and jovial.

  2. You can guarantee that I will come down again! I will make sure only give you a 12 hour notice since that’s all you asked for! 🙂

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