Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 2, 2007

Blog Challenge #2…… Month to get to know ME!!!!

This is the blog challenge for the month of April.  My challenge is for every week there will be one post of 25 random yet new things about me. So by the end of the month you will know 100 MORE things about me. And then once a week a list of things I am thankful for. I am excited… and I know you all are. I know you all want the dirt of the random things about me and I am always happy to share the things I am thankful for. So to start of the first day of the month, here is what I am thankful for.

1) I am thankful for Dallas. I went out today to see what he was up to in the Garage. He was sitting there sanding wood for Tyler’s new sandbox. I was so overwhelmed with emotion. I realized how much he cared for Tyler and how much love he has for both of us. He was working so hard and doing it with such care that I can not believe how lucky I am to have him. He is sweet, kind, gentle and caring and he has so much respect for me and for my role as wife and mother.

2) Thankful for family time. This weekend has been one of the best we have had lately. It was just the three of us. Ty was so good. We spent the day looking and walking and talking. It was great. It was a perfect weekend, a perfect end to a over emotional few days.

3) Thankful for my sisters. Since I have moved I think I have talked to someone on the phone everyday. I am NOT looking forward to my phone bill. Spending a little bit of alone time with Tammy before moving I think made both of us realize that as moms we are dealing with the same issues and with both of us having special needs kids it makes it easier to see we can do it. Nicky is just funny. She makes me laugh and she is doing so well. Her new look on life is going to get her far. We wish her luck and she can call any time.

4) Conference. Ever since my mission I have LOVED conference. It is such a good time to reflect and get a new outlook on life. I just hope I can continue to strengthen my family and my marriage like the Prophets have asked.

5) For a house and a good job. I know I don’t have a “real” job but Dallas does and it gives us a house to live in. I love my new house and my new life. Dallas and his job make it possible for us to do that. I have seen others struggle for several months in the unemployment field and I don’t envy them at all. I hope that they get lucky soon.

Thats all for this week. Stay tuned for next week and all the things I am thankful for. You will also get a dose of ME!! If you want to know something.. leave a comment and ask and I will try and answer it for you!!

 NOW COMES THE CHALLENGE!!! For those who read this…. Its your turn. I want to have a month of YOU!! Thats right. Every week you get to do the same thing. 100 things by the end of the month ( and if you did it a few months ago with me you get to do it again and they have to be different) and the things you are thankful for.

 READY !!!! SET!!!!!! GO~


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