Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 3, 2007

April is organ donation month!!

As most of you know our family has been given one of the greatest and best gifts of all time. More than that but we have been a second chance… a chance to love a little boy who will get the chance to grow old!!

In November 2006 my nephew Kayden was given a new kidney. From the time he was born his didn’t work. Through struggles of weight gain, weight loss, hormone shots and scared days, nights and weeks my sister was able to see her little boy be well. In the last few months she has seen him eat food for the first time, swallow, be on few meds and last but not least be a boy.  This gift is the greatest and most lasting legacy someone else could give another person. The best anoymous gift.

 So, for those of you that are considering being organ donors this month is for you. For all of the parents, sibling and spouses that have made the choice to donate your loved ones organs.. This month is for you. For those of you who would like to help a kidney patient or support Kayden and his transplant please click on the link for Tammy Gale on the blog roll and donate. There are donate life bracelts available for $2.

Give the gift of life….. Donate your organs!!! Save a life!! Be a hero!!



  1. Yea for Organ donation month.

    It is one of the most precious things.

    I was very proud of my girl, when we were getting her license the other day, when the Officer asked her, is she wanted to be an Organ donner and she said Yes. With out blinking.

    We will more than likely need a kidney for E. I appreciate all that are willing to donate.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I was always scared to donate until all this happened with Kayden now I am happy to admit I am a donor! I am so proud to say that I have you guys as my family! You guys are so strong! Save a life, DONATE!!

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