Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 5, 2007


So today was a huge test of my naviagational skill and my memory. One thing that I was very blessed with on my mission was the ability to get around and find my way. When we weould go there once I was able to find my way again. No map needed. For several reasons I was able to do this. The first reason is obvious. I was on a mission. God gives us weird and strange gifts to help us get through. That was one of mine. The second.. well my companion couldn’t even get us home from the Grocery store. Thank you Charly!! So for a long time I had to memorize the ward directory because even though she had been in the area forever she had NO idea where to go.

Anyways, I digress, it is the beginning of the month and our house payment is due. Since I am home during normal business hours it is my job to make sure that it gets done. I have not ventured very far on the freeway. I went once to the laundromat last week and one to power road from the 202 to a clothing shop. So to get us to the office from where we live has only been done once. We drove to the office from Scottsdale and got on the freeway. So I had to remember how to do it.

We headed off on the 60. I got off on the right exit ( Val Vista for those who care) and made it to Lindsay road. Made the payment ( it was cheaper than EITHER Of us remembered) and we headed back. I made it all the way to the freeway again. We went to Walmart and then home. I was so proud of myself. I LOVE it here.  

 I bought Ty’s Easter outfit so you all better stay tuned for pictures. I can’t find the sandals I want. He needs some where his little toes are covered. I can’t find the right size. Babies R Us is close but they didn’t have anything. I am going to go look at payless and famous footwear and target.  Payless and Target are really close to each other. My last resort is famous footwear. If it wasn’t so close I would check out Ebay ( and yes I do like EBAY) but its to close.

So today I also did something else that I have not ever done correctly before. I made zucchinni bread. Dallas’ mom has  a recipe that he really likes. I have not ever made it right and so that it tastes like his moms. Well… TODAY I DID!!  I cooked, cleaned and played with Tyler.

He is walking better with his push toy and he is doing so well. We start early intervention serivces here on friday and we are also having to do the Arizona foundation for blind infants. I don’t know when they will be doing their part but it should be soon.

So.. that is me for the day. I did it. I found my way home!!



  1. YAY! GOOD FOR YOU! I can actually say I drove the AZ freeway before you! 🙂

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