Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 7, 2007

The moment that stands still….

My friend Lisa was writing about the moments that stood still. I decided to take her up on that one and tell a few of my moments.

1) The moment that stood still when I realized that Dallas was the one and that I did love him. He sent flowers to me when I was sick and at his house for the weekend. We had just spent a few hours at the instacare. He didn’t say anything as I picked them up. But I turned around and realized how much I cared for him. I realized that he was the one that I wanted to wake up to everyday. The one that I could finally say I love you and I wouldn’t get hurt.

2) I was told I wouldn’t be able to have babies. When we found out we were pregnant we were excited.  Our excitment didn’t last long and several members of the family made it really hard to be excited. It also didn’t take long for me to start spotting. One day after an appointment I was so sick. I couldn’t stop throwing up. I finally fell asleep and woke up to a puddle of blod and water.  It was a restless night. My moment happened when we drove to the doctors and he put that ultrasound wand on my belly and there was that GLORIOUS sound of ” whosh, whosh, whosh” and the realization that little person was still there.

3) Another moment was with Tyler. The moment happened when he was a few days old. Maybe 2. It was before heart surgery but it was when they found out he had his brain bleed. I remember being brought in and I was asking questions. They were very nice when they explained all the new things that they were doing and all the things the machines were monitoring. I was touching Tylers arm when 2 NNP’s came over and a doctor and they told me that he had some things wrong and they wanted to talk. They offered me a chair and I declined and said I would be fine. They started telling us that he had brain bleeds and that they were severe. That one was as bad as it could get. I had this huge rush of needing to faint. I was light headed and I was going to be sick. They all rushed to help me but it wasn’t me that needed help. I needed help with my baby. I needed someone to fix his brain. To make it ok.

4) One of my moments happened recently. This move has done some amazing things to my little family. Dallas has and is and always will be so thoughtful of me and of the things that I am facing. In the last few days he has done so many thoughtful things. My moment came the other day when I was outside and he was working on Ty’s new sandbox. He had written on it a little note to Ty. At that moment I knew that I had married the right man for me. It was in that moment I realized Eternity was not long enough for us but at least we would have that long!!

What moment stands still for you? For more on this check out my blog roll and click on Lisa!! Its amazing what life moments are for others!!!!


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