Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 15, 2007

Body world… WOW~

We had our first date here in the great state of Arizona. Ty had his first experience at a babysitter that wasn’t family and he did amazing. We were so proud of him. We ended up with their movie and they have his baby einstein so I will have to switch but otherwise good.

We dropped him off at 8:45 this morning and we headed into Phoenix. We went all the way downtown!! The orignal Mapquest route was not open so we had to find our own way and we did it. We did a good job to and we made it to the Arizona Science Center just in time to get in line for out ticket time.

Body World is an exhibit of the human body. People who have donated their bodies to science. The guy who is the *father* of this is from Germany. They have some way of making their bodies into plastic like material. They show everything from bones that have been broken and healed, to livers that have cirrosis. It has so many interesting things. It took about 2 hours to walk through and we LOVED it.

One of the parts that interested us the most was the brain and the *slices* of brain. The brain was turned into that plastic stuff and then sliced into pieces. There was some of even a brain with hydrocephalus. Which was why we were super interested. It showed a brain that had a stroke and so many intersting things.

The last part of the exhibit was the reproductive parts. Our Uterus isn’t very big and it houses the most important tool to keeping the population going. There was placenta and embroys starting at 5 weeks. Barely enough to see but enough to make most of us sick!  They had fetus’ at 20 weeks, 24, 28 and 33.  It is amazing that we can make something so perfect.  It made me realize how lucky I was to have Ty here today.

I did have a hard time with that part of the exhibit but it was so amazing seeing just how little he was. It was amazing to listen to the people behind us comment on how tiny and me knowing that I had one of those. I was so proud to be his mom.

On a super funny note… I hate being in a city where everyone, and I mean everyone, is Tan. Even the OLDEST lady has a tan. So I had been seeing commercials on TV for the new dove lotion that has a hint of self tanner. I am going to be starting to tan but I wansted to get a little head start with a little color. When we were out and about yesterday I picked some up at Target. Thought ” ok, it says in a week you can be this tan… so if i just put it on lightly everyday like the instructions say. ( it actuallys says put on like your everyday lotion and wash your hands) I would be fine” So I did just that. Put it on like my regular lotion…

Well as the day goes on I don’t notice anything. No big deal. It said it takes a week. Well, let me tell you… IT DOESN”T. And I missed a lot of places. I have a streak on my arm, one spot on one leg and I think that is it that is as white as could be because my “light tanning lotion” isn’t so light. I don’t look horribly fake and it isn’t orange so I think I will just spot the problem areas tommorow and then not continue for a week to make my self look ” just this tan”. 

When I get back to Utah to visit, I will be tan and it won’t be from Dove!!


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