Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 16, 2007

My best friend

I have started this post about ten times. There are so many things I want to say and I have no way of putting them into words. I have a million thoughts and not a single one can make it on paper the way I want them to. So here it goes.

When I became pregnant I joined this pregnant mom club. It was a nice club every mom in the world belonged. Then I became a member of the ” I am having a boy club”. Not a bad club to be in either.  Then  came the clubs that didn’t have such a happy go lucky way about them. The NICU mom club, micro preemie club,  the 25 weeker club. Then came the darker ones.. the brain bleed club, the brain damage club, the hydrocephalus club. TONS of list of clubs. Well, I didn’t want to be in some of those clubs. I joined a Yahoo club ( of sorts) They kinda clump all of these together. Mom of special kids. That is what it is. We all have one of the above clubs and more tha we are apart of. We need that club because they just *get* it. We welcome new members who have found their way into our club and so far they haven’t kicked anyone out and they wouldn’t ever kick you out cause well….. You get * it*

As I have been apart of this club I have known some sadness. I think we all have. In fact.. our club is going through some sad right now. But we all get it. Even if we have not had that sad happen to us. We get it.

Over a year ago I met a girl in this *club* her name is Steff.  Her cute little Joe was a just a little younger than Ty. ( he had better hair than Ty too!!) We meet and became friends. Our first outing with the boys ( outside of the hosptial) was at the park in down town. We had a picnic with other people in our *club*. Me and Steff were just starting our journey.

My journey started going in a different direction and Steff’s ended up in the vaction home we all have stayed in. He was a frequent flyer at the hotel PCMC. She became friends with lots of moms in that place that had problems but Steff was still ALWAYS there.

The last time we were at PCMC Steff came up. She was actually having to be admitted soon so I was glad to have her there. We laughed and talked and Ty jumped all over her. He loves her. I love her.

I write this tonight in hopes that someone will read it and pass on this legacy. On Thursday they found that Joey was not getting any better. He was getting worse. Steff had to make the decision to let Joey go. He was taken off his vent and sent home to be loved by his family and everyone around him. Steff is one of the strongest and most loving people I know and she has to go through hell the next few days.

This is a club I don’t belong to. I can’t go into her world and know what to say. I don’t know how to comfort her. There was millions of times she made me feel better. In fact.. just this week I called and dvented to her. She knows what to say. I don’t.

She  is my best friend. I love her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers and thoughts tonight and for the week.

“No nobler work in this world can be performed by any mother than to rear and love the children with whom God has blessed her. That is her duty” Pres. McKay

You have done what God has blessed you with. You did your duty. He is your angel. He loves you. God loves you and knows what you need. I wish I did. I am so thankfull he sent you to me!!

If you would like to get to know Joe and Steff he has a myspace page HERE!!

 Also, a fund has been set up to help Steff with funeral expenses and ongoing medical bills that Joey has had previous. Joe is a tough kid and hasn’t given up just yet. If you feel like you can donate something please do. A paypal account has been set up at paypal. The email address is


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