Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 19, 2007

I am thankful…. week 3

I didn’t do this at the beginning of the week because I was having a hard time being happy and thankful. But now that the week is almost over I have LOTS to be thankful for.

1) I am thankful for our health. We have not had to go to a doctor in MONTHS. We did find us a pediatrician for Tyler down here. Much to my surprise there were some major perks to the one we have.

2) Thankful for friends. I realized when I was in Utah that Steff was on of the best friends anyone could ask for. Steff and Keving came up to see us while we were in the hospital this last time. All those who called themselves close friends.. didn’t even call. Brooke came and visted on my REALLY bad day and Steff was there the next morning after my complet breakdown. I think Steff is the only one that *gets* what it was like in that place.

3) For family. My sisters have been great and I talk to them almost everyday. And I wouldn’t be able to do ANY of this alone so more than anyone in the whole world I am so glad I found my best friend is Dallas. I feel lucky to have 2 best friends. One that I can talk to for hours on the phone and one that can be here ALL the time. Makes me feel loved.

4) For my baby. The other day I woke up with him in my bed. ( yes it is common when his wake up time is 5 and mine is 8) I realized as he was giving his dad rubs and kisses that he was not a baby anymore but a big boy. But for all he endured and for all that he has overcome he is and will always be my baby. That kid has had more * friends* pass away than most adults. He is lucky to have so many people watching over him.

5) I am thankful for those who * get it.* Those who are in the club. They get it. Those who look on the outside and judge and complain don’t get it. While we deal everyday with what we do I am so glad to spend time with them. Ty and I had our first play group with kids with Vision issues. It was nice to hear the same terminology that we use everyday. They get it. Utah kids get it. My sister.. well she use to get it ( just kidding Tammy, we are glad you are graduating from our getting it) But I am so thankful for those who understand..

That is my thankful. I hope that I can see your thankful. Go try the blog challenge. Its worth it!!

For those interested. Here is a LINK to  Joey and his memory.


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