Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 21, 2007

An interview with me!!!

A mom of a preemie has a blog. I frequent it often. She was interviewed by a friend name Lauren. Her interview was a good read. Go and see for yourself. I commented and now she is interviewing me. I will send out the same request she did, if you want to participate please leave a comment and I will be sure to send you some questions to have answered on your blog. Make sure to link it to me so we can link it to all the others. So here are the questions from preemie mom to Grayson, Judi.

Here are her interview questions….

Did you ever imagine you would go through something as difficult as having your child spend time in NICU?  How did that experience change you?  I NEVER in my wildest dreams EVER thought I would do what I did. I thought people got pregnant, got sick, had a third trimester and had a baby. A healthy FAT baby that went home with you and people swooned over. When I had my baby I never even thought we would make it home. I don’t know exactly how it changed me but I know that I am changed because of it. The little things are more important to me. They also seem more important to those around us. Something like a smile or them sitting became HUGE events. When a “normal” baby does it a big deal isn’t made about it. It is hardly even mentioned. I feel like I am more aware of special needs kids now. I thought I would have one. So when I see a person in a wheelchair I feel I notice more. I have more faith now.  I KNOW that there are miracles and that God listens. Before I just *thought* He did.  And I also think it made me a better mom. Knowing how special he is to be given to me makes me try harder to raise him how I feel my Heavenly Father would have me raise him.

How would your best friend describe you? I would hope they describe me as loving and caring. That I listen and I will be there when they need me. I hope that I am a lot of fun. That I am reliable and I would never purposely do anything that would hurt them. I hope they think of me as someone that they can count on. ( I hope!!)

If you were granted three wishes, none of which could involve money, what would you wish for?  I would wish for a look into the future. I would want to see if that future held all I thought it would. Like Tyler walking, if we would have other kids, where we end up, what does my house look like. Wish number 2 that my parents would be well taken care of when it is time for them to retire. Wish number 3 that all the desires of my sisters hearts could be reached. My older sister would have healthy kids and that her son would never need another kidney again. Koy would have normal functioning kidneys. Josh would get to stay at home instead of leave in May. That someone Tall dark and handsome would ride up on a wild Mustang ( or in a ford mustang) for Nicky and she would have what she desires. And for Dallas sisters to have a million kids and be happy.

What has been your life long dream?My life long dream was and is to be a mom. I would play dolls when I was younger and it woudn’t stop after an hour. It would go on for days. It was the only thing I wanted when I was told I would never have a baby. It was the only thing I wanted when I was laying there in labor when I was 25 weeks along. It was the only thing I wanted when Tyler was taken away in a helicopter. It is the only thing that I want every night when I put him to bed. And the best reward when I wake up in the morning.. is that I have my life long dream in bed with me. I am a mom.

What is your favorite meal of all time? I LOVE LOVE Shrimp Scampi from Red Lobster. I would and could eat it every day. I love it. I love it when they have all you can eat shrimp and give  you five choices and I ONLY order SHRIMP SCAMPI!!!!

So that is me… Thank you Judi for interviewing me!! If any of you desire to be interviewed leave me a comment and lets get this linked all over the net!!!



  1. Great answers! I am so glad you participated!

  2. Me next!

  3. Oh my gosh this is soooo me too…I would love to see the future, shrimp scampi is the bizzzomb….How neat that you were able to do this…

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