Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 25, 2007


So a few weeks ago another preemie mom sent me a link to this blog called “The preemie experience.” I can’t believe how much I learn there every time I visit. She has a new entry about SID.  I have but few experiences with it. Tyler does have SOME but not like this persons kid. We have a friend *A* who thinks their cute little dude has it. He even pukes when he is put in grass. Poor kid.

 I know we have a head sensory thing and possible and abnormal obsession with water. Not sure.. I thought he just liked water!! HE LOVES BATHS. On a good day he only gets 2. He showers with me and he gets his own bath in the night before bed. The head thing we just chalked up to to many people taking the bones out of his brain or putting things in the ventricles cause it only started when he had his shunt surgery. He jumps all the time which aparently is a sign of SID. I don’t think he has SID I do think he has sensory issues.

So I was putting this for a reason. This blog is going to be going on my blog roll. If you have a preemie and you are reading this go check it out. She has info on how she was diagnosed with PTSD ( sounds familar) and the stesses of a daily life of a mom with a preemie. ( I would go look if there is a reason you want to know why I work the way I do.. this is a good “other” view)

This is a VERY interesting blog. Thanks *TWIN* Wendy for sending it. It has been well worth the read!! Your the best!

And.. for those who have been offended by previous post.. then do what all your disclaimers say and don’t read it.  I do have an opinion that I have no problem sharing. I am sorry if it causes issues in your life. Please know that my intentions are the same as yours. Being able to share how I feel in my “space”. If you do have a problem with something I have posted PLEASE email me. I will be happy to listen to you request. I took a post down for someone several weeks ago. PLEASE BRING IT TO ME!!



  1. Hey Nancy, thanks for the shout out!

    By the way… my little guy (not my micropreemie) is also named Tyler.

    Talking about an abnormal obsession with water… Paige (my micro) could sit with her hands in water all day. I can’t have her wash dishes because the dishes would never get done. She just stands there and plays with the water. We have a great science museum where we live. It has a water play area for toddlers. Every time we go you will find us in that area. Paige is 8 and sticks out like a sore thumb! lol The last time we were there a mother gave me this look of “oh I’m sorry-I can tell she has issues”. I just smiled back. About 2 minutes later Paige said something like, “I wonder what the speed of a water drop is when it falls from the sky. I wonder if it depends on what category of cloud it originally came from.” The mom looked shocked to hear that statement come out of her mouth. I smiled at her again. hehe

    Thanks again. I look forward to reading the rest of your blog.


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