Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 25, 2007

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Hey faithful readers… I have LOVED the comments the last little bit. Kellars mom if you want to be interviewed I will send you some questions!!! And Tammy yours are coming in a day or two.

I know some of the entries have not been Interesting but for some they have been… Either way. I have responded on my other blog and so you can go there.  I am going to keep these posts to what I feel I have intended them to be.  If you want to be mean go for it. If you think I am mean then I am sorry you don’t know me very well.

So … In response to that… Ty loves COOKIES!!!! And Aunt Nicky is having a hard day so I thought we would give this to just here….. Here you go Aunt Nicky…. And Tammy did you get your bubble gum yet?

This was just for you Nicky.. I hope you enjoy… come and visit soon!!! Feel better!!



  1. OH YES we got the bubble gum. You and Nicky just wait! I will get you back sometime so you must always be on guard for what you will be getting from Alexis

  2. Thanks for the pictures.. They sure cheered me up. Makes me want to kiss his face ALL OVER! Thanks TY TY!! 🙂 MISS YOU LOTS AND LOTS! 🙂 LOVE YOU! Love, Aunt Nicky poo poo

  3. other blog? We still love you here :). Thanks for the words of encouragement!!

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