Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 27, 2007

Stress leaves when you go to the PARK!!

Stress totally leaves when you go to the park. After a long day yesterday I was so frustrated and my walls were getting smaller and smaller and closing in faster and faster. I had cleaned most of the house and Tyler was a GEM!! He has been so much fun. He plays so well by himself.

Anyway, after a long *talk* with D he suggested we go to the park. Tyler has some sensory things we are working on and he was happy so I thought HECK why not. So we put on long pants and some socks ( its not cold here but we didn’t want his bare legs and feet to deter him from playing at the park) and got our basketball ( me and D like to play at the park to 🙂 ) and set off. We walked down the street and over to the park. No one was there. Ty took a little bit of coaxing but by the end he was having so much fun. He even crawled all over the basketball court and *helped* pass the ball back and forth to the future pro ball players that we are!!

So.. here is our latest outing with the Bubba!!


 He is doing so well and being so big. Who couldn’t love a face like that. The warm air and the sun is so helpful for all of us. We came home and I rocked him after a bath and just basked in the smell of a clean and lotioned baby. He is such a miracle and such a joy to us. Sometimes we ( I ) forget. It makes it so when stressful and mean and sad things happen we take the time to enjoy our familes and the ones that bring us joy.

That was our day in the park!!


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