Posted by: Nancy Brown | April 28, 2007

Oprah… The five best places!!

Being a stay at home mom ROCKS!! I get to watch Oprah and Dr. Phil and the coveted 90210!! But today I found it intersting that Oprah had the five best places to find single men. Since I am not looking I thought that maybe I could get some ideas for my sister .. who is!!! So if you are looking for a man or just think it is interesting then read below.

#5…. San Francisco- If you were like Oprah you thought that only gay men lived there. But because of the cultral diversity and the arts and stuff it was a nice place to meet a man.

#4 San Jose- A great place if you want the Geeky dot com ( which I do)

# 3 and most interesting and reason I decided to write this was……. SALT LAKE CITY UTAH!!!!! Holy crap huh. The were looking at divorce rate, stability,education and the biggie was charitable contributions. The expert said that if people were willing to give to charitable contributions they were more giving in a relationship and therefore made the best mate. I laughed. Giving our tithing to the church is considered a charitable contribution so of course it is HIGH on the list. So Nicky.. you are in luck. You are in a great state for finding a man!!!

#2  Arlington Texas- I kinda lost interest on these 2.

#1 was Raleigh NC!!

So, If you want to meet a man. Move to SLC.. if you want to keep a man.. Well, I guess make sure you find them in one of the above cities.

Just an FYI.. I have never claimed that I have never done anything wrong to cause a fight or an arguement. In fact I fully accept my actions for them. I do however hope that you can ask the full story. It isn’t always black and white. 

raleigh NC ..

It ws so interesting….


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