Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 1, 2007

Poor Ty….

Ty is sick… He has been slowly getting this rattle in his lungs. Over the weekend Dallas wasn’t feeling well but seemed to get better with some rest. Ty seemed to be pretty clingy all weekend and today he was up at three ready for the day because he couldn’t breathe. Dallas was sleeping on the luv sac so Ty came in with me. He seemed ok but had a hard time breathing. His eyes have been watering all day and his nose is running all the time.

We took him in to the docs tonight and he has an ear infection. Its his 2nd one in two years. So I guess we can be ok with it. He was so tired tonight. I hope he isn’t to tired and can’t sleep well. I guess it is a week that mom gets to take a nap with the Bubba since it looks like neither of us will be sleeping through the night.

We are off to watch the PBS documentary on Mormons… Check your local listings!!!



  1. Hi Nancy, thanks for commenting on my blog, have you joined our micropreemie blog mom group yet?

    Liz M

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