Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 1, 2007

VERY random thoughts.

A child’s outcome is directly linked to their parents and their environment.”

Dr. Robert E. Schumacher, Medical Director, Holden NICU

I found this quote and was kinda taken back. I totally agree. When Tyler first came home. I spent HOURS and HOURS on the floor trying to get him to be ‘normal’. I would play and move his legs and arms. I would turn him from side to side. All in hopes that he would be ok.

Is this the case for all? No. I don’t think so. I think those that were damaged in certain parts of the brain that repair or rewiring was not an option… no matter what you did you still had a different outcome.




Chicago Sun-Times, Jan 6, 2005

Medical advances have allowed doctors to save earlier and smaller babies. While

some developmental problems are common among such children, the long-term

consequences were not entirely clear.

We needed to have some idea of really what this group was like when they grewup,” said one of the researchers, Dr. Neil Marlow, a neonatologist at the University

of Nottingham in England.

Normal pregnancy is 37 to 42 weeks. Marlow and his colleagues looked at 241

children about 6 years old who were born between 22 and 25 weeks.

They found that

46 percent had severe to moderate disabilities such as cerebral palsy, vision or

hearing loss and learning problems;

34 percent were only mildly disabled

20 percent had no disabilities.

12 percent had disabling cerebral palsy.

The findings are reported in today’s New England Journal of Medicine.

I found this article interesting. These statistics were not the ones that we heard in the NICU. They are not even the ones that we see happen in those preemies that I know. It seems to take awhile for all the information to trickle to the parents of a preemie.


Sorry.. really random thoughts….


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