Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 2, 2007

Our one year Anniversary!!!

We hit a aniversary the last few days. Not of a birthday or a wedding or a first date… But it is still an anniversary.

Here is my entry from Tyler’s website…..

Saturday April 29th 2006

Our weekend started on Thursday. Me and Tyler went  to neonatal followup. When we got there Tyler seemed really unhappy. He ended up basically sleeping through the whole thing. He was awake for the neurological exam and he got a good report from him. When we got home he ate a little bit of food and decided to take another nap. I thought it would be a good idea for me to take one with him. He went to sleep at about 1:30 and I woke him up at 4:30 after calling his Ped and telling them what he was doing. I just felt there was something wrong. He never NEVER sleeps that much. His normal Ped was gone so we saw the NNP in the office. She said he had an ear infection so we went home. He got worse. He was more crabby he had to held and every time we moved him he would cry. Dallas and his dad gave him a blessing and I called to get him some ear drops but he was still getting worse. He allowed us to put him in his crib at about 10 and I got up with him at about 2. Shortly after he started throwing up but he was dry heaving which meant he was dehydrated. We took him to thevnearest emergency room when that happend and they got an IV going and called Primary’s to see if they thought that he should go to them. After running a bunch of tests we were taken by ambulance to PCMC again. While enroute to the hosptial the test came back and nothing was coming back abnormal. The ER docs at primarys were getting desperate and decided we would do a urine test and a CT scan. But they basically thought it would come back normal on both and we just had a weird infection and send us home. We did the CT scan and the urine test. The Urine test came back fine but the CT scan showed that his head had stopped letting the spinal fluid exit his head. They immediatly hooked him up to a heart monitor and almost immediatly they noticed that his heart was beating irregularly and not to much longer he started to have bradycardias. (where he would have very low heartbeats) These were indications that the pressure was getting to bad and he was now an emergency. They called neurosurgery again and they came a little faster now that his heart was going funny. They got him into surgery around ten oclock and he was out a little after 11. He went to the PICU ( pediatric intensive care unit) until he was off the vent. He stayed one night there and then transferred to the infant unit. He was relased from neuorsurgery care about 2 and then just watched by the infant pediatrcian till about five. We got the okay to come home and off we went. He is home. He is looking so much better than when we took him in on Thursday morning and he is slowly starting to act better as well. It should be a few more days and then he will be back to old HAPPY Tyler.

 Boy was I wrong about him becoming happy. It took one month of HELL. I t was one month of doctors and scans and no one wanting ot listen to me. There was something wrong with Ty. He SCREAMED non stop for a month. I even went to a therapist where I was diagnosed with PTSD. When they finally figured out what was wrong and we got back in to get a new shunt he has been fine. Dr. Walker is our hero for getting it fixed.

Ty is doing awesome these days. We are glad we have what have and we are glad we got the shunt that works.



  1. Ty really has come a long way in the past year! Good job Ty and momma!

  2. Wow ! ty has come along way in a year ! hope the new shunt works and doesn’t give ya any problems…..
    give him lots of hugs for me hope he gets to feeling better soon after the fun trip to hotel primary childrens.

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