Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 6, 2007

We match!!!

So Dallas and I have been married almost 2 years. We had been single ( but living on our own) for several years. I lived in Logan when we met but had been in Provo since my misson and then I lived in Provo before my mission. Dallas lived in his own house ( duplex) and had for a few years. So why am I telling you this.. Well we had acumulated so much STUFF. Like different kinds of utensils. We have matching plates but we have a few of those. No biggie. But not utensils. Well all that changed. We now have all matching utensils.

I have a problem throwing away stuff like utensils because what if we run out. BUT I did it. I was so proud of myself. I broke out my wedding ones ( I have had them for a LONG time, not just since my wedding but since I was a junior in high school) And now I have a 45 piece set. So we now match. Come on over for dinner any time cause I have matching utensils!!

On a more Ty and family note.. Ty seems to be feeling much better. He is still getting his antibiotics and he has a copious amount of boogers still but I guess I don’t mind having booger shirts. He is a happy kid when he feels better.

Dallas is doing great. He is so glad its the weekend. He had a thursday dinner date with the VP of technology and got home kinda late and we have both been burned out. He was able to work from home on Friday ( which I LOVE) and we have had such a good weekend together. We went out on a little mini date tonight with Tyler at a favorite Texas Roadhouse. Great weekend.

Not much else is going on. Next week we have our play group on Monday, me and Ty are venturing into the big city of phoenix. We are seeing our new neurosurgeon. We will also be seeing our eye doc soon. Wish us luck.



  1. I love mini dates, even when you have to take the kiddo’s. I’m sorry you have little respite. Sooner or later, you’ll forge new relationships and find someone you can hire to watch the Tyster.

    I’m glad you had such a nice weekend.


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