Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 15, 2007

Ty, ROP, Glasses.. need I say more!!

We met our new doc today. We have changed our eye doc a few times since our initial surgery.. MANY MANY moons ago. We had Dr. Dries to start. Ty was tracking objects and doing well and Dr. Dries told me he had CVI. I didn’t agree and got a second opinion. We went to Dr. Larsen and loved him. We had a follow up before Feb. ( I don’t remember exactly when) and we didn’t need glasses. Tyler has done well developmentally and his Nystagmus has gotten very very good. We didn’t need glasses.

Well, we were referred to our eye doc here and Dr. “S” was really good. In fact I would prefer him and his candid answers to Dr. Larsen even. It was awesome to get a fresh look at Ty and his ROP. What is interesting is that because he isn’t seeing Ty as a newborn he is looking at what he sees now we got some interesting tidbits of info.

The most NOT surprising is Ty needs glasses. We aren’t super shocked but he is pretty near sighted so glasses seem like the best option right now. How we will keep them on his face is another post in itself.Β  The nystagmus is still doing well. Depending on how we see his head tilt in the future will determine how we proceed in the future. Depending on how it is may require surgery to fix the muscles so he can see more straight.

His optic nerve is damaged but not broken. If that makes sense. The damage is basically what causes nystagmus but it is from head pressure. He has great vison minus the near sighted. ( meaning he can see, he isn’t blind and DOES NOT HAVE CVI *which we knew*) He has the near sightedness because of the surgery we had them do to keep him seeing even a small amount.

So, we are heading to Queen Creek to order the glasses and we will try to keep them on his face. They say if they improve his vison he will leave them. He should quickly make even more leaps and bounds in his development when he can see ( at least that is the hope… we are not far behind)

Am I ok with it? Well. I have Glasses. My WHOLE family has glasses. My whole life my dad would tell us he has bad vision from to much oxygen. ( He was a preemie) I have told him I think he has ROP but I don’t think it was called that then. My mom has HORRIBLE vison. I think that glasses is no big deal. Do I wish he could see a little better than what he does? Yeah I do. Does it matter? Not really because a healthy eye is one that can see to the best of its ability.

So… WE LOVE THE NEW DOC… one specialist down.. one more to go! Cross your fingers and toes we like him as much as Dr. Walker!!!

Oh… and the preemie teeth thing… Where do we go for such a visit? ANY ONE!!!



  1. Ty has Labrum genes for sure! He has to have glasses! He will look so cute! You will be here TOMORROW!!! But who’s counting, right? Maybe, just maybe, the bad water from Cache Valley WAITED in your system until you got pregnant πŸ˜‰ or not? lol… Good luck with that.. No matter what, Ty will look cute! I am going to smother him with kisses, get him prepared! πŸ™‚

  2. (I am a friend of Shoshanna’s family and check on others sometimes. . . look for ODIN: he is doing beautifully with glasses. Best wishes to you all! esta)

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