Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 20, 2007

When it feels like home…

So most of you know that we went to Utah for a few days. It was a quick trip and one that wasn’t horribly planned and VERY fast.  We left early Wed. morning and we drove and drove and drove…. Did I mention we drove. We weren’t sure what way was the fastest to get here so we decided to go one way there and one way back in order to find what way is and was the best way.

We went through Las Vegas to get to Utah and it was FOREVER. Ty did great till about Cedar City. He slept right after our gas and bathroom break and then about Nephi… we were all ready to be done. We still had another 45 minutes to an hour to go.

We stayed at my inlaws house till Saturday morning. It was very nice. We attended Grandpa Browns funeral Thursday and had a mighty long emotional day. His graveside service was done by the Disabled American Veterans. It was geat. They played Taps, did the gun salute and had a great flag ceremony for grandpa Brown. What a great way to honor such a good man.

We went back Thursday afternoon emotionally exhausted and crashed for most of the afternoon. We went to Dinner with the Browns and D’s sisters ( well most of them) Then crashed for the night.

Friday we spent just doing stuff. We had to run to our old Peds office for some paper work ( which I forgot to go get.. duh) and then me and Dallas went out on a date. We went to Braza, one of our favorite resturants in the valley ( and one that we don’t have  in AZ) Later that evening my in laws had a bbq fo everyone to visit with us and stuff before we left to go to my mom and dads. Nicky came to the bbq and got to love on Tyler.

Saturday morning we got up and went to my parents house to visit with them. It was so nice to talk with them and see them with Tyler. My dad read Tyler the Corey Combine story and played with my dads keys. He really loves to play with my dad. My mom still can’t do much with her knee ( she just had to have it replaced again) and so she kissed on him the best that she could. They were so happy to see him. We were glad to get to visit with them.

We started down to Arizona Saturday night with the intentions of driving to Page. We did just that. We loved seeing Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon dam and was so glad to see that Page is just around the bend. We had a good dinner and crashed for the night. It was a packed town last night s we were glad we made reservations ( four star or not 🙂 )

We got up and started down the mountain to Flagstaff and onto Pheonix and then home. While traveling we saw ( from a distance) the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful sight and drove through the reservation and then on to Mesa from there.

As we were driving, we were talking about Utah not feeling like home to us. I thought that just because we had lived there our whole life we would feel some sort of love or longing to be there or to stay there and it just wasn’t there. We really and truly felt like visitors. As we drove into the Valley of Sun we felt like we were home. It was truly a strange feeling to honestly be able to say it feels like home here.

So… the Valley of Sun is our home. We love it here. We feel good here. We feel so blessed to be here. Its nice…. When it feels like home .



  1. I’m glad you guys feel like you are home now in AZ! Get warm in the hot sun! Just know that I miss you guys, I miss you guys lots and lots! It was so good to see Ty! I will have to plan on coming down a lot (I know right now I will be embarrassed to go down because even Nancy agreed I am white). Bask in the sun, I miss you guys! LOVE YA LOTS!!!

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